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May. 5th, 2010 08:53 pm
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Title: Music
Pairing: Ianto/Lisa
Rating: nc-15
Word count:  157 words
Spoilers: Cyberwoman
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or any of the characters

Warning: angst
Summary:  Ianto Jones find comfort in music...
Beta:  The deilcious and sexy     [ profile] frakkin_addict 
Notes: The Torchwood muses are almost dead for me, but this little fic wanted to be alive. I like to think Ianto truly loved Lisa before Jack and really suffered alone hidden with his cybergirlfriend... This is the result of my love for jazz, a bad day with students and my passion to make suffer our pretty Ianto. *free hugs* (Because we always need hug)  Dont forget English is not my first language :)


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Title: Save me from myself
Parings/characters: Ianto, Jack, team
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or any of the characters.
Summary: Ianto's introspection about Jack after his suspension.....
Spoilers: post cyberwoman
warning: a litle bit of angst
Rating: nc-15 (just to be certain)
Beta:the so awesome  

Note from the author: This is the result of the ideas the wonderful and so brilliant [ profile] wykling gave me. I hope its ok my dear friend. HAPPY BIRTHAY!!!!!!!!

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Title: Its only hurt when I breathe
Parings/characters: Ianto/OC, Jack, mention of Lisa
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or any of the characters.
Summary: Ianto has to deal with the consequence of his acts...... in a destruction way. 
Spoilers: post cyberwoman
warning: anon sex, semi non-con
Beta:the so awesome  
Genre: big bad angst, with some comfort 
Note from the author: Creation, its a part of destruction and imagination. This is the result of a idea that didn't wanted leave me alone. Bonne lecture



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Title:Ianto Jones drowns
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, team 
Rating: angst
Spoilers: Not really, somewhere in season two
: No, I don't know them
Warning:  mention of drowns
Summary: the title told it
Notes: Humm, I was in a bad mood this week, my students was monsters and I really felt like I drowned..... so this is the result, hope you gonna like it.......  Like always, comment are really, really appreciated ;)
Beta:  The fabulous and so talented

master list

Ianto Jones drowns.....


His lungs hurt, like a fire is burning inside them.  The darkness is everywhere, he feels like he’s a rag doll being swayed by giant hands. He can’t breathe; if he does the water will enter him and slowly kill him. The currents move him up and down, smashing him against the rocks. His body is just a pantomime in this angry force of nature. It hurts, it hurts so much, he wants to breathe, but he can’t. Jack… He doesn’t know what is the most painful, to know he will die soon or to not have the chance to see him before the end. Ianto Jones doesn’t want to die, but it’s too late. Once, he heard someone say that to drown is a better way to die, because in the end you feel like you’re flying. But for now, Ianto Jones just feels the anger and the rage that’s exploding inside him. He just wants to scream.


“Jack, what are you doing?”

“Umm?..... I’m kissing you Ianto Jones..... and it’s a pure pleasure to taste your perfect skin....”

“I know you’re kissing me, but Jack, we are at a crime scene. We’re investigating, don’t you remember?”

“Oh yes, but action, suspense and crime have always excited me..... you’re such a gorgeous young man....”

“Jack!!!!! The others will come back soon!!!”

“Exactly so I should take you right now fast and hard.....”


“Ohh, I know how much you love this....”


His laugh resonates in his mind like a distant dream. He was so happy, this shag was so hot, so intense, he had felt so alive. He’s suffocating, he doesn’t know anymore where the sky is. The current pushes him hard against the rocks, this time his head takes the shock and sparkles dance in front of him. That reminds him of the flickers of the fire camp when he went camping with his parents, during his childhood. He can almost feel the fire’s warmth on his face.


“Tad, what are the stars?”

“They are balls of fire, far away in space.”

“Who lit them?”

“Some legends tell that they are candles of God, to comfort us when we are afraid of the darkness....”

“Oh! Like the light mum puts on my room when I go to sleep?”

“Kind of my son.... To remind you that  we will always be there to protect you.”

“I love you tad....”

“Love too son.”

“I’ll love you forever my little boy....”

“I love you more mum!!!!”


In his frozen prison, Ianto can almost feel his mum’s arms around him, he can see her beautiful smile. He wants to scream, he doesn’t want the darkness to bring him into a world where the fires no longer burn. He’s furious, about himself to have not been vigilant enough in the hunt, furious about the alien that took him by surprise and pushed him down into the chasm. At least, Tosh had stayed on the edge, the alien falling with him, he knows that it died at the moment it touched the waves. He almost laughs, it’s so pathetic, this morning he told Jack that he loved him. The kiss was so tender, so good. He knew at that moment that his Captain loved him passionately. He was so happy and now cruel destiny made the decision that all this happiness was an illusion, the play is over, and the curtains are down, the act ends. He needs to breathe, he knows it’s insane, but his body doesn’t obey anymore. He opens his mouth and takes a breath, even when he knows it will be his last one. 


“So, when they arrived I was naked and saw the two dressed up queens next to me and all I found to say was: can somebody tell me where the exit is?”

“Jack! What did the soldiers do?”

“Well, Gwen, you know how seductive am I, so I just grinned and they helped me to find my clothes and let me go.”

“Ok, but what our captain didn’t mention is that the soldiers were all women and they had drunk a love potion just before....”

“Owen, that’s a little detail....”

“Oh, no, it’s a big one sir.”


The team’s giggles echo around him. It’s like they are here with him, like they give him the only thing he deserves at the end: a last piece of happiness. The water fills his lungs, his body shakes furiously in the enraged currents, Ianto Jones surrenders. They are wrong, dying by drowning is not like flying, its like he’s exploding inside, and it’s atrociously painful. His mind runs away, he has the feeling that he’s not in the water anymore, like strong hands bring him up towards the sun, like familiar lips kiss him. Jack..... Spasms shake his body; the water seeming to exit his lungs.  Like a dream, he hears Jack voice begging him to open his eyes, to come back to him. Owen voice roams around too. Is this what it is like to die? You hear voices at the very end?

“He’s gonna be fine Jack..... Just give him time to come back.... He will survive...”


The end


Touch me

Feb. 20th, 2009 10:17 pm
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Title:Touch me
Pairing: Jack/Ianto 
Rating: NC-17 (smut, slash....)

: Not really, somewhere in season two
: No, I don't know them
Warning:  sex, m/m kissing, bad words......
Summary: Ianto he's in kinky mood.....
Notes: Ok, sooo, this in not really smut fic, its more a pre-smut. This is inspired by the amazing [info]put_that_away, she's so funny, beautiful and always has a fabulous energy. I dedicated this fic for all the wonderful people here who needs hug and smile in this particular shit week. You know who you are. I hope this little fic help you to smile and give you some happiness.
Beta:  Exceptionally the famous [info]put_that_away


Enjoy my friends :)

master list


Touch me

The Hub is empty, the silence covers the place like a heavy blanket. It’s late at night, the only presence is in Jack Harkness’ office. He’s the captain, the leader, he has to work late and finish the reports. He’s alone, he’s exhausted, but this is his role. He sighs, the day was long, weevil hunting and rift activities took away his teams energy. He ordered them all to go home, or better yet to have a beer at the pub. He laughs, it was a great idea at the time, but now he feels so alone, maybe he had should have kept Ianto with him. But he doesn’t have the right to be selfish, Ianto deserves to have a life outside, to live a kind of normal life. The youth is the most precious thing he has and Jack Harkness wants his young lover to be happy. With another sigh the man continues his work. A moment later, someone clearing their throat catches his attention. What he sees makes him smile.

“You’re working late sir…..”

His young lover stands in the doorframe, his eyes sparkling, a wide grin on his face and his hands in his pockets. At the view, a ball of fire explodes inside Jack, but it’s more the tone of Ianto’s voice that gives him the sensation in his groin. The normally serious and always well dressed Ianto Jones seems to be in a kinkier mood. That’s exactly what the captain needs right now.

“I couldn’t sleep…. Someone left me alone…”

“Ho, sir, this person is a very, very bad boy…. Sir….”

Jack looks at him for a moment, the desire invades his body, and he has to control the urge to run and take his lover right now in the doorframe. No, Jack must take his time, he stays sitting. He knows Ianto Jones wants to play, and that’s more erotic.

“Maybe you can distract me from my work…. I really need to take a break…. I’m a very busy leader…”

“Hooo…. So I can offer some distraction then…”

With these words, Ianto begins to untie his tie slowly and walk towards the other man. In the same movement he takes off his coat and looks directly in Jack’s eyes.

Sir… do you want more distractions?....”

“Oh, yes please….”

Ianto moves his buttocks lasciviously and starts to hum the rhythm of a cabaret song. His hands touch himself languorously, caressing his torso. He’s now half naked and he puts one hand in his trousers, looks at Jack and asks in a murmur:

“Do you enjoy the show sir?........”

“More than you know young man….”

Then, Ianto’s trousers fall to the ground. He continues to sway his hips in a seductive dance. He puts one finger in his mouth, a grin on his face, his head inclined and licks his finger with a warm groan. On his chair, Jack tries desperately to control his breathing, his heartbeat in his groin doesn’t help. His tongue licks his lips, excitement shivers ride through his body, but he stays in his place. In a theatrical move, Ianto pulls the finger from his lips and touches it to his buttock, doing the sound of burn with his mouth.

“Hum, sir, my buttocks are soooo hot….”

The laugh of the young man explodes in the office and Jack feels like thousands of stars blow up in his mind, he is on the edge, devouring the young man with his eyes. Ianto looks at him and start to sing happily:

“Full moon in the city, and the night was young, I was hungry for love, I was hungry for fun….”

Jack smiles, he recognizes the song.

“I was hunting you down, and I was the bait, when I saw you there, I didn’t mean to hesitate”

“Ianto Jones, are you singing a Samantha Fox song? …..... Kinky boy…”

“Hummm, yes….”

He walks around Jack’s desk and sits on the edge. He opens his legs and puts them around Jack’s body.

“(this is the night), touch me, touch me, I want to feel your body, your heart beat next to mine, (this is the night), touch me, touch me now…..”

Jack doesn’t hesitate and grasps firmly at his thighs. His mouth devours his lover, his tongue attacks his lips.

“Hoooo capitaine, mon capitaine….”

“What, you speak French now?...” Jack asks in a passionate kiss.

“For you I can speak any language sir…..”

“You are drunk young man….”


Jack’s tongue licks Ianto’s hot and soft neck. The sensation of the powerful mouth on his skin makes Ianto shiver. His body startles, his back arches with desire. Jack hands are everywhere on him, he closes his eyes, he’s lost in the desire. He moves to the rhythm of Jack’s hands , he’s on the edge. Suddenly, Ianto slips under the desk, and with a loud noise falls to the ground.

“Ianto? What the fuck? Ianto are you all right?”

The young man lays there, his eyes open, an indescribable expression on his face.

“Ianto?  Ianto, please answer me!”

“Ouch…. I think I fell on something…..”

Immediately, Jack is on his side and he takes him in his arms. He raises his lover up and keeps him firmly in his arms. Where the young man was a moment before, a bookbinder stands proudly.  Jacks caresses Ianto’s back softly, to be sure he’s not hurt.

“You’re gonna have a big bruise tomorrow morning, young man.”

“Ho, I think I need some medical intervention then…. Can you be my personal nurse sir?”

“Oh, I can do better, Jones, Ianto Jones…”

Keeping Ianto in his arms, Jack kisses his lover passionately before taking him down to his quarters.

“I will take care of you…”

“Keep your promise Jack….”


The end


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Title:As you  wish Ianto Jones
Pairing: Jack/Ianto 
Rating: NC-17 (smut, slash....)

: Not really, somewhere early in season 1
: No, I don't know them
Warning:  sex, m/m kissing, bad words......
Summary: Torchwood team have fun, in different way....
Notes: Ok, so hummm, this is my first smut fic.... just a little smut.....  I always challenge myself so this is the result.... please comment and let me know if I should never challenge myself anymore.... lol Ho, and don't forget English is not my first language, I try my best .
Beta:  The fabulous and so talented

master list

As you wish Ianto Jones…..


Jack drops the document onto his desk. He sighs; putting his head in his hands and feeling the tension in his body. He feels exhausted. It was not a particularly hard day; it was just the usual long and demanding Torchwood day.  He stands up slowly; stretching his back before walking through the door. Laughter catches his attention, a clear and contagious burst of laughter echoing through the Hub that makes Jack smile. On the first level, Toshiko, Gwen and Owen look like they are having a lot of fun. Owen gesticulates in a theatrical way and the girls around him look on with a smile fixed on her faces.

“…and I swear I was so shy!”

Another laugh replies as a last declaration. The happiness wins Jack over and suddenly he feels so proud of his team. He goes down the stairs to join them.

“What’s up kids?”

“Oh Jack! You have to hear this, Owen he’s so pathetic sometimes!”

“Well, thanks Gwen, I’m feeling so much more confident right now…”

“Oh, Owen, admit it, it was not one of your better moves. I have to agree with Gwen this time….”

“Thanks Tosh, I’m really feeling better now.”

Another giggle explodes in the Hub.

“Ok, you peak my curiosity. What did you do this time?”

“Thanks Jack, now I really do feel hurt…” Owen replies with a hand on his heart.

The hilarity affects them all equally and laughter explodes for another time into the air.

“So, since you insist… I told the girls that the first time I made it with a girl I was at her flat. I was so excited again in the morning that when I heard the sound of the shower I was sure she was the one in it. So I got out of bed and ran completely naked to join her. I opened the shower curtain violently and shouted Taaadaaaa I’m here baby! But it wasn’t her in the shower….”

“It was her mum!” Yells Gwen in a hysteric way.

“And I don’t have to mention that my little soldier was ready to do his duty……so to speak.”

This time the laughter is more powerful. Jack feels the tension in his body lessen slightly, like a new energy making him stronger.

“How was I supposed to know she lived with her mum?”

“Yeah, but the Mum’s are delicious too sometimes….”

“Jack!” Shout the girls at the same time.

Jack grins proudly; he loves these sorts of moments with his team. When no danger runs around, when fear no longer squeezes against their backs, when he doesn’t have to worry about the world. Tosh and Gwen have sparkles in her eyes and Owen looks like a little kid. Then, suddenly he realizes that someone is missing.

“Where’s Ianto?”

“He hasn’t come down from the tourist office yet.” 

“Thanks Tosh, I’ll see if everything is all right there….”

“I’m certain the tea boy is having a lot of fun with his leaflets Jack!”

Jack doesn’t pay attention to Owen’s insinuation. The fact that Ianto is alone upstairs annoys him. After the cyberwoman nightmare he made a promise to himself to never ignore or shut away his youngest member. He feels responsible for Ianto’s distress, feels guilty about not paying more attention to him before. He almost runs to the tourist office, expecting to find him in a bad mood. He should be with the rest of the team, he shouldn’t be alone, he should be with the others like the team member he is. When the secret door opens the view Jack has in front of him makes him stop with surprise. Ianto is not weeping and at the edge of collapse, but all smiles and laughter. He is sat in front of his computer, joy painted on his face. In a few large steps Jack stands beside him, a hand resting on the young man’s shoulder.


“Sir! Did I miss the coffee round?”

“No… No… Ianto, are you are right? I was worried about you. The tourist office has been closed for a while and you haven’t been around…”

Suddenly the famous Jack Harkness feels so idiotic, like is a teenage girl who flirts for the first time. Fortunately, the grin on the younger man’s face brings back his confidence.

“Well, I don’t think I have to worry anymore… Having fun alone Ianto Jones?”

“Oh… The office was closed… and I just went on the web and found this little video on YouTube…..I….. I didn’t do it during office hours… I just…”

The hesitation and the sudden embarrassment of Ianto’s reaction make Jack laugh. Closing the distance between them, he presses his body strongly against the other man, putting his hands on Ianto’s hips and murmuring into his ear:

“I think I know a better way to have fun young man…”

Shivers cross Ianto’s body and Jack takes it like an invitation. Looking directly in Ianto’s eyes, he slowly opens the other’s pants. He hears Ianto’s breathing begin to accelerate, lust appearing in his gaze, his mouth so full of desire. When the pants fall to the floor Ianto presses his hard groin firmly against his partner and tries to kiss him. But, Jack backs off and looks at him with amusement.

“Oh no, it’s not that easy. I want to hear you beg Ianto Jones.”

Then, he kneels in front of him and caresses Ianto’s thighs. Little by little, Ianto’s underwear gradually slips to the floor, his fingers caressing his hot skin. His eyes are locked onto Ianto’s face, savoring his young lover’s reaction like a fresh water fall. Ianto’s body convulses like the waves at this intimate and so exciting moment. Seeing Jack on his knees, his gaze devouring him and being himself so vulnerable bring him to the edge, like his heart will explode anytime soon. When his underwear finally stops at his ankles, his cock stands proudly in the air. He closes his eyes, he waits for Jack’s mouth, for the pleasure he knows so well. But nothing happens, the lips never touch him, the tongue doesn’t devour him. He opens his eyes in an instant. Jack stays on his knees and looks at him with the most desirable gaze he has ever seen.



“Sir…. What are you… waiting for?”

“Oh, you know what I waiting for…”



“I feel stupid like this…”

“Oh, believe me you’re not... the view is gorgeous…”

Ianto blushes dramatically. Jacks strong hands grasp firmly his buttocks bringing with them a heady sensation and making him unsure of whether he can hold on.

“Sir, can you… I want…”

“Yes? What do you want?”



Then, Jack put his open mouth just near enough to Ianto’s cock without touching it. Ianto feels the hot breath caresses his shaft and barely a moment later it is like the world is exploding around him, making him lose control.

“Fucking Jack Harkness take my fucking dick into your fucking mouth and suck me to hell!”

“As you wish Ianto Jones…”


So should I stop to write this kind of fic and just write drama and suspence fic? Don't be afraid to be honest, I'm not certain about this one......

HO, and because I think you probably want to know what Ianto whatched on you tube.....
   Ianto's video




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Title: Shhhhh…. Close your eyes Ianto Jones, it’s not a dream…chapter five

Pairing: Jack/Ianto , the team
Rating: NC-17, angst
: Not really, somewhere early in season 1, but after countryside and cyberwoman
: No, I don't know them

Summary: Torchwood team has problem, can Jack save them all ?
Summary chapter:  What’s real?

Notes:  So this is a new series. I hope you gonna like it. I don’t know what I have this days, my life it’s a little bit complicated, a moment I laugh and the moment after I cry. My muses are crazy… and no I’m not pregnant, I’m only a teach.
Beta: the so fabulous and talented just_being_me08  

Previous chapter

Shhhhh…. Close your eyes Ianto Jones, it’s not a dream….




Chapter five


On the roof

On the roof, two men stand. To a stranger’s eyes, they look as if they are locked together in a dance, like two passionate lovers. But, it’s not how it looks, the scene is passionate, but one man is fight for life, the other for an inevitable and intense death.

“Jack! Let me go! You don’t understand…. I will fly!”

“IANTO! I thought I that I’d lost you once, I swear I will not let you down twice…”

“Jack I hate you! Let me go!”

“Never, Ianto Jones! I know you don’t hate me… ”

Two bodies fight desperately; they move dangerously near the edge, the sound of their saccade breaths cut the air like macabre music. Then, the edge is too near; open space seems to want to devour them. A foot in the wrong place, a move at the wrong time and their balance will be lost, the dark emptiness ready to hold them tight. In the starry night, two men fall over the edge in a firm embrace.


Two hours before

Ianto Jones runs with fear pushing down on his back. He knows Owen is not far away, he can hear him yelling angry words. He doesn’t understand, everything seemed to be so perfect only a moment before, the world looks beautiful like he is seeing its beauty for the first time. He feels so alive, so free, like all his problems have gone away. For that intense moment the shadows didn’t want to cover him, the sadness didn’t put its cold fingers around his neck. Now, he’s scared, he’s not certain about anything, he has the cruel thought that his teammates want to kill him. So he runs. Suddenly, strong arms stop him and he moves against a body. Jack

“Shhhh, it’s all right Ianto, I’m here now!”

“Jack? How?”

“I came back from London after you called me, I saw you on the CCTV….”

Ianto feels alive again, his face burying into the Captain’s coat as he smells the intense scent of his secret lover. The world is brilliant again; his wings are strong and fabulous on his back. But Owen’s voice breaks through into his ears and a moment after a hard impact throws him down to the ground. His body hurts; he feels blood on his face and sees Owen’s punch coming faster. Then, he hears Jack’s screams and the attack stops. Ianto feels the fear hold him and all he wants is to run away. He notices the emergency stairs in the corner, stands up and sprints. He doesn’t care about what is happening behind him, he realizes that the stairs is the only way to get the roof, to be close to the sky and to fly.


One hour and thirty minutes later

Jack feels like his body his broken, the emptiness is everywhere around him, his tears spilt down his cheeks. The pain is cruelly intense. He doesn’t understand. How I was able to drop him? The anger makes him crazy; he punches the ground furiously with his hands, searching for a way to transfer the pain. Blood covers his knuckles. Its like a dream, he can see the blood, but he doesn’t feel anything. The scream that escapes his mouth sounds like an animal’s moan. When his sob finally calms down, he hears a soft groan beside him. He can’t believe what he sees, his breath stopping for a moment.


Delicately, in fear that it is all a painful dream, he takes the unconscious young man in his arms. His hand caresses his face; his mouth kisses his lips to be certain that they are alive. He doesn’t understand, the sphere isn’t supposed to have an effect on him. But he’s alive, he didn’t fall….




Cardiff is a big city. The nights are never totally dark; the lights are everywhere, like a brilliant presence that comforts the little kids in their beds. But tonight, the lights don’t seem to protect the two men who are falling. They are wrapped around each other, grasping frantically at each other’s bodies. They do not fly, they tumble towards death together. But suddenly, a powerful light covers them both and they fall slower.



 Chapter six


Jan. 31st, 2009 12:25 am
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Title: Ianto
Pairing: Jack/Ianto 
Rating: NC-17
: Not really, somewhere early in season 2
: No, I don't know them
Warning:mention of sex, m/m kissing 
Summary: Jack's thoughts about Ianto…
Notes: For all of you who always read my fic and comment, for all of you who need fluffy and angsty fic, that's it's for you! Have great week-end my friends.
Beta:  The fabulous and so talented

master list



He gives me shivers. He’s my loyal soldier, my confidant, my broken lover. He gave me the focus I needed, the anchor that I desperately searched for in my dark drift. At first, it was a game, a dangerous game that a child would play, but without all the innocence. He betrayed us; he had been disloyal to me so that he could watch over her. I hated him for that, I could have killed him. The pain was so unreal, so cruelly intense. God, it’s ironic, now I could be on my knees to beg for his love, but never showing it myself. He always smells so good, of fresh coffee and spicy sweat is all I taste when my tongue devours his skin, when my teeth bite at his neck. He’s so sexy, his buttocks are perfect, I adore to grasp them firmly and feel him tense beneath of my touch. He’s so beautiful, his eyes are unique, when he smiles for just one moment I feel like a child. When desire explodes within me and I push him up against the wall, my body pressed against his, I want more than sex, I desperately crave the need to feel alive. He knows me, he saw my dark and miserable side and forgave me. When the pressure of my duties oppresses me, when life is a bitch, he holds me and makes me forget that I’m Captain Jack Harkness and for an instant I’m just a man. When he lies beside me sleeping, his fabulous naked beauty blinds me and I murmur his name like a prayer. I want love and Ianto Jones gives it to me. One day I’m gonna lose him, but for now it’s like an eternity in his arms.

The end

I know it's a little bit short, but it's for me to write long fic, because English it's not my first language.... But I hope you enjoyed and please, if you read take the time to write comments, its always a great pleasure to read you ;)
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Title: Shhhhh…. Close your eyes Ianto Jones, it’s not a dream…chapter four

Pairing: Jack/Ianto , the team
Rating: NC-17, angst
: Not really, somewhere early in season 1, but after countryside and cyberwoman
: No, I don't know them

Summary: Torchwood team has problem, can Jack save them all ?
Summary chapter:  Jack will save the day… really ?

Notes:  So this is a new series. I hope you gonna like it. I don’t know what I have this days, my life it’s a little bit complicated, a moment I laugh and the moment after I cry. My muses are crazy… and no I’m not pregnant, I’m only a teach.

Beta: the so fabulous and talented just_being_me08 

Previous chapter

Shhhhh…. Close your eyes Ianto Jones, it’s not a dream….



Chapter four

At the same time as the young man falls, emptiness expands in his mind. The scream stays trapped inside his throat, he suddenly feels so feeble. Behind him he can hear his other team members panicking. His medic needs him. Jack knows he has to do something quickly to save him, but he can’t look away, it’s like a part of his soul is falling too. His fingers grasp furiously at the edge of the roof, his knuckles are white. The pain is welcoming, it helps him to focus. Like a dream he turns away and walks towards Owen. He strongly takes his face into his hands, forcing the medic to look at him.

“Owen, listen to me. I’m here for you. Trust me, all it’s gonna be all right…”

“Jack? I shot you! And the tea boy…”

“Shhhhh…. It’s ok, I’m here now…”

The other man is confused for a moment, then, his eyes look directly at the others.

“Jack? What has happened?”

“Something intoxicated you. Nothing was real. Ianto didn’t want to poison you…”

 “Jack…. I’m so sorry! What have I done?”

“Shhhh, Owen you have to focus, the girls need you back at the Hub. Can you go?”

“Yes… yes of course…. I’m on my way…”

The medic turns away without a look and leaves the Jack alone. On the roof, a man stands. Horror squeezing his heart and shivers shaking him hard. He has the sensation that something is pressing firmly on his torso that makes it that little harder to breathe. His vision blurs for a moment, his heartbeat too rapid.

Two hours before Jack’s return from London

Owen run out of the Hub, he wants to beat Ianto Jones, to make him pay for what he did to them. He traced him by CCTV, saw him at the fountain. All his energies are focused on his anger about the tea boy. He finds him few minutes later. Ianto Jones stands beside the cascade, a blissful smile on his face.

“Owen! You are so beautiful! Do you see how clear this water is?”

The answer comes with a punch to his face. Ianto falls from the impact. The surprise and the shock are visible in his eyes.

“Fucking tea boy, I will kill you for what you have done.”

Fear grows inside him, hunting the light happiness that had rocked him before. Owen has terrified him, he doesn’t understand. He feels his wings strongly on his back, so he stands up proudly and runs away. He has the urge to glide; soon he knows he will be ready to fly. Owen doesn’t react immediately, he watches for a moment as Ianto disappears into the masses. Then, Tosh’s face appears in his mind and the rage grows deep inside him. He has to catch him; the tea boy will die for his actions.


Three hours after Jack returns from London

The tunnels are dark, the sound of the shotgun amplified. He walks slowly, taking care to not make any noise. He has to stop her; he has to be near enough to catch her and not being shot at the same time. The view of his team member so broken makes him angry about himself, for not have been there. Gwen looks like she has been completely abandoned; she looks like a lost little girl in a bad world. But for her, the bad wolf seems to be everywhere. Jack bites his lip; all he wants is to hug her and makes the promise that it’s all going to be all right. In a jump he disarms her and puts the gun away. Gwen screams and tries to hurt him with her nails, but Jack takes her firmly against him, murmuring comforting words into her ear. However, it doesn’t seem to make a difference as she continues to scream and fight. If she doesn’t stop soon she will have a heart attack. So Jack does the only thing that could calm her and then save her life, he kisses her. His lips desperately touch her lips, trying to give her in this act the power and the protection that she needs. Nothing happens for a moment, until she reacts and kisses him in return. Her body relaxes, her mouth daringly searching Jack’s mouth. They stand like this for a moment, Jacks embraces Gwen firmly. She looks to recover quickly.


“I’m here now…”

“I was so afraid… So alone…”

“Shhhh….Don’t worry I’m going to protect you…”


On the roof after Owen’s departure

 The famous Captain Jack Harkness falls to his knees, he’s completely devastated. Angry tears drop from his face. I failed… I let him go… I’m a murderer… The pain is everywhere; it’s like a fire that burns inside him, killing him violently. The suffering sends him blind, he doesn’t have consciousness that close to him him, Ianto Jones lies there alive.


Chapter five

 So do you really beleive I could kill our so gorgeous Ianto ??? Never... Well yes, I did one time in the past... or two times....  lol Thank you so much for read and comment, its really, really appreciated;) Big hug who everyone need one

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Title: Shhhhh…. Close your eyes Ianto Jones, it’s not a dream…chapter three

Pairing: Jack/Ianto , the team
Rating: NC-17, angst
: Not really, somewhere early in season 1, but after countryside and cyberwoman
: No, I don't know them
Summary: Torchwood team has problem, can Jack save them all ?
Summary chapter:  When bad thing happens….

Notes:  So this is a new series. I hope you gonna like it. I don’t know what I have this days, my life it’s a little bit complicated, a moment I laugh and the moment after I cry. My muses are crazy… and no I’m not pregnant, I’m only a teach.
Beta: the so fabulous and talented just_being_me08 

Previous chapter

Shhhhh…. Close your eyes Ianto Jones; it’s not a dream….


Chapter three


London, twelve hours before the gun shot on the roof

The feeling doesn’t leave him alone. It’s a cold hand pressing heavily on his neck, like a storm building slowly inside him. He knows something really bad is just waiting to happen, but he doesn’t know how or even where. The meeting doesn’t seem to even have an end. He has to listen; he has to convince himself that it is imperative for him to be there. The Prime Minister talks about the world, the dangers, the security; of course all that is important. But, the feeling doesn’t want to leave him alone. He knows something really bad is going to happen and this certainty is driving Jack Harkness crazy.


Four hours after Gwen and Owen found Toshiko bleeding

He feels so light, the butterflies may have left him alone, but it doesn’t matter now, he’s a butterfly himself. He looks at his wings; they are so beautiful, every sensation and feeling amplified. All he can smell is this delicate fragrance that surrounds him, the lights of the street lamps are so brilliant that they almost hurt his eyes, the conversations and the laughing from the people around him sound like music to his ears, the soft wind on his skin is like Jack’s touch. Jack…. Thinking of Jack makes Ianto smile. Suddenly the desire to be with him is unbearable; like he has to speak to him at the very least. He searches for his phone, but he remembers that it is still at the Hub. He has the urge to fly straight to a public phone. Jack…

“Jack Harkness speaking.”

“Jack….. Sir… it’s so beautiful…”

“Ianto? What’s wrong? Where are you?”

“Jack…. It’s amazing how free I feel… your voice sounds fabulous… speak to me sir…”

“Ianto, what’s happening? Where are you? Where are the others?”

“The butterflies were everywhere… Tosh… Tosh was screaming, but I don’t know why… Jack, I’m gonna fly… I’m so proud of myself…”

“Ianto, please, listen to me! Stay where you are, I’m on my way. Don’t do anything stupid. Ianto?....”

But nobody answers him, Ianto is gone, he didn’t hear Jack’s last words. He saw the fountain and he definitively wanted to touch it.


Three hours before Jack returns

Owen wraps bandages around Tosh’s wounds. He doesn’t understand, what’s happened and why she’s alone. Where’s the tea boy? He doesn’t like the situation, something very bad has happened and he can’t understand what. He looks over to Gwen; who seems to be distracted by something. She always looks around her like she expects to see someone or something appear right in front of her. But just as he wants to ask her what’s wrong Tosh grabs his wrist.

“Owen… its Ianto’s fault… he poisoned us…”

“What? Tosh…what did you say?”

“He did this to me…. Owen, Ianto wants to kill us…”

“That fucking tea boy… I will make him pay for this…. I gonna kill him…”

Right then and there in the Hub, Owen talks to an unconscious Tosh whilst Gwen looks nervously around her, seeing shadows and hearing sounds that never existed.



Three hours before the gun shot on the roof

Jack found Toshiko in the medical bay two hours ago. She was pale, her heart beat was painfully slow, but she was alive. He gave her sedative and left her. She was safe for now. He hates himself for not being more aware of all of those bad feeling that he had. He knew something bad had happened. Ianto’s call had just confirmed it. Ianto, he had sounded so strange, he was not himself. He didn’t hesitate, leaving the meeting immediately. The safety of the world was right now in danger, he had no time anymore for anymore theories. The journey had seemed like the worst trip of his life. If I’m too late… He thought with fear squeezing round his throat. When he entered the Hub he knew that the worst had happened. He saw the glass sphere and his heart beat stopped for a brief moment. No, not again…. He knew what that thing was, what damage it could do. He had seen this before, on another planet, with other people’s lives. But, the results are the same: the madness that takes its victims to the edge and in the end causes their hearts to give out. The only chance he has now is to convince his team that none of it is real. But if it’s too late....He doesn’t want to think about that, he wants to believe that it all is going to be all right. He takes the sphere and he puts it into his pocket. It can have no influence on him, having had all that time agent’s training has some advantages at the very least. He hears a gun shot somewhere in the basement. He runs, his team is in trouble and somehow he will save them all. It’s not too late…. They have to hang on, I’m here now…


On the roof

The hands are covered in blood. Jack tries to take Ianto’s hand more firmly, but it’s slippery and the pain in his shoulder is starting to burn. Suddenly, it’s all like a movie in slow motion, he feels Ianto’s hand slip away and he can do nothing to stop it. He wants to scream but the horror of the situation paralyzes his voice. Through space he watches as his young team member falls further and further.


 Chapter four

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Title: Shhhhh…. Close your eyes Ianto Jones, it’s not a dream…
Pairing: Jack/Ianto , the team
Rating: NC-17, angst
: Not really, somewhere early in season 1, but after countryside and cyberwoman
: No, I don't know them

Summary: Torchwood team have problem, can Jack save them all ?
Summary chapter: The calm before the storm…

Notes:  So this is a new series. I hope you gonna like it. I don’t know what I have this days, my life it’s a little bit complicated, a moment I laugh and the moment after I cry. My muses are crazy… and no I’m not pregnant, I’m only a teach.
Beta: the so fabulous and talented 




Shhhhh…. Close your eyes Ianto Jones, it’s not a dream….


Chapter one

Thirty-six hours before the confrontation on the roof

“Right, so if you need to contact me use my cell, it will always be on. If you have any problems what so ever I will be back faster than any of you can blink.”

“Jack, don’t worry! We’ll be fine. We’re not kids, we’re Torchwood.”

“I know Gwen, but that’s what I’m so afraid of…”


“Anyway! I have to go at London for a meeting with the Prime Minister, however boring that might sound., Do you want me to bring you a souvenir?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know… Big Ben in cheese? Or, no, wait, I know a place where they sell these little toys you can play with Rhys with. They’re called  The Big Ben head search, really exciting and…”


A laugh explodes in the main office and sounds out through the Hub. Toshiko raises her eyes from her computer screen and looks into the office. She smiles, happiness is something she never has had enough of, and she feels like she always needs it. At her side, Owen just mutters something about work privileges. He looks Gwen directly in the eyes as they leave Jack’s office and takes the stairs to go and join them. Somewhere, almost in the shadows, Ianto Jones silently picks up all the dishes and others things that lie forgotten around the place. He’s elegant, his suit is perfectly fitted, everyone of his movements illustrate his professionalism. He is a good tea boy. He doesn’t seem to have heard the laugh, but in reality he has heard it all. He closes his eyes for a moment and tries to stop the wave of jealousy that begins to build inside him. You’re pathetic Ianto Jones he thinks to himself angrily.

“I’m going to be gone for two days. If you need to contact me, use my cell. Don’t start playing heroes whilst I’m away ok? Look after each other, don’t forget you are a team, all of you.”

The team nods and Jack smiles. He’s so proud of his brilliant members. He trusts all of them: his so talented Toshiko, his exceptional medic and his beautiful Gwen. Slowly, he turns his head to where his youngest member stands. He has to restrain himself to not run forward and hug him. He looks so alone. Then, something breaks inside him, this is all so wrong. He promises himself that he will do something on his return. Ianto Jones doesn’t deserve to be alone, not anymore…

Jack Harkness glances at his team once more and then walks away. When he passes Ianto he softly caresses his shoulder, but doesn’t meet his gaze. He can feel shivers flowing through Ianto’s body. It’s too soon to show more, but he swears all that will change on his return.



Twenty-four hours after Jack had left

A scream breaks through the air of the Hub; objects crash to the ground, fear deforms Toshiko’s face. She shakes hysterically; every time even Ianto tries to touch her she pushes away his hands furiously.

“They’re everywhere! Lizards…. They’re are all around me! Trying to bite me…. Nooo! They’re on my legs!!!!! Noooooo!”

Ianto stands beside her, trying to grip her shoulders to calm her, as there is nothing around or even on her body. She looks crazy, scratching desperately at her skin, like she trying to escape something invisible. She begins to hurt herself, bleeding wounds appearing on her pale skin. Something’s wrong, something’s really wrong and Ianto Jones doesn’t know what to do. He’s alone with her; the others are on a mission, rift activity. Jack, he’s in London, too far away to help. He’s all his own.

“Tosh! Please look at me, there is nothing there, just you and me. You’re safe.”

“Noooo! Don’t hurt me! Please…. It burns…. It hurts…”

He knows she doesn’t see him; she’s panicking beyond all control. He doesn’t understand, he feels weak, useless like the day with Lisa at Canary Wharf. Suddenly, Ianto can’t breathe, his lungs are burning. What’s happening? What’s happening to me? Then, he sees butterflies flying everywhere in the hub, a hundred multicolor butterflies twirling around him as if in a dance, blinding and confusing him. Suddenly he feels so light, it’s seems as if his feet are no longer touching the ground anymore. He feels so free and Toshiko’s scream is so far away now….


Chapter two

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Title: Shhhhh…. Close your eyes Ianto Jones, it’s not a dream…
Pairing: Jack/Ianto , the team
Rating: NC-17, angst
: Not really, somewhere early in season 1, but after countryside and cyberwoman
: No, I don't know them

Summary: Torchwood team have problem, can Jack save them all ?
Summary chapter: confrontation on a roof

Notes:  So this is a new series. I hope you gonna like it. I don’t know what I have this days, my life it’s a little bit complicated, a moment I laugh and the moment after I cry. My muses are crazy… and no I’m not pregnant, I’m only a teach.


[ profile] just_being_me08 



Shhhhh…. Close your eyes Ianto Jones, it’s not a dream….




The sky is beautiful, all the stars in the vault of heaven look like a thousand fireflies eternally fixed in the name of beauty. In a big city like Cardiff, the roofs are the best place to see them. When the sky is clear and the moon is in collusion, the view is fabulous for someone who takes the time to watch. Tonight, three men stand on a roof, but they don’t care about the stars. One is armed, one stands on the very edge and the other tries to fight his own fear. The man watches, like a nightmare he can’t control, members of his own team falling deeply into madness.

Owen, this is an order. Put the gun down.”

“Jack! He wants to kill us… all of us… Look at what he did to Tosh!”

“I had nothing to do with that! You’re the one who wants to kill me… All of you… You all want to see me dead…”

“Ianto get down from the edge now. Take my hand…”

“Don’t worry sir, I’m gonna fly!”

“Damn it Ianto! Stop!”

“Sir… Don’t you see my wings? They are so beautiful…”

“Don’t call me a bastard you son of a bitch! What? Now you’re laughing? You think this is funny? Poisoning us? I’m gonna shoot you!”

“Owen! He said nothing to you! He didn’t laugh! Put. The. Gun. Down.”

“Jack…. Can’t you see him? Can’t you hear him? The tea boy, he’s dangerous, we have to stop him…”

“Both of you listen to me. What you see and hear…… it’s not real. You are intoxicated, you need help. Let me help you.”

“I don’t believe you… What he did to Tosh...”

“Sir, it’s so beautiful…”


On a roof, three men now stand. The moon it their only witness, looking as if it may smile as it watches on. A confrontation is in progress, reality playing alongside fiction. Who is lying and who is telling the truth? They are all exhausted. The man in the long coat has confused eyes, he’s vision is so fuzzy. He feels that the situation is out of his control and he hates that. His team is in trouble and he’s afraid to lose them. The man with the gun is angry; he can see the shivers tremble through his body. He has blood on his clothes, on his hands. The other man just smiles softly, he looks groggy, his arm dancing slowly in the air. Something has happened, something is wrong with his team and he has to save them. He knows if he reacts quickly he can easily disarm the medic. But his youngest team member worries him, he stands of the edge of the roof, he could fall at any moment. He doesn’t want to lose him, not after he forgave him for the cyberwoman incident, not after he comforted him after the cannibals in the countryside, not after having tasted his lips and not being able to forget them.

“Ianto please… look at me. Take my hand, stay with me…”

“I’m sorry Jack, but the tea boy deserves to die!”

Suddenly a gunshot breaks into the night.



 Chapter one


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Title: Jack
Pairing: Jack/Ianto 
Rating: NC-17
: Not really, somewhere early in season 2
: No, I don't know them
Warning: mention of sex.

Summary: Ianto’s thoughts about Jack…
Notes:  I don’t know if this fic is slash or smut, English is not my first language and I have a lot of difficulty with all this terms. So, yes, mention of sex in this fic.  I don’t know what I have this days, my life it’s a little bit complicated, a moment I laugh and the moment after I cry. My muses are crazy… and no I’m not pregnant, I’m only a teach.
Beta: just_being_me08

master list



He makes me smile. When I’m with him I feel like a fire ball is exploding within me, I suddenly feel so strong. When he touches me, my skin burns and I feel so good. His voice in my ears and his strong hands on my buttocks bring me to a place where there simply is no one else there. When his tongue caresses my nipples, my body answers in waves of pleasure and I beg softly for his teeth to bite. If his mouth devours me softly, I pray for the game to never end. Sometimes, I think I could die in his arms without regretting it for a second. When he takes me to the edge, I have to bite my lip so that I don’t scream because the rest of the team are somewhere in the hub, far enough away to not see us but close enough to hear us. The fear of breaking all the rules is such a thrill. My body looks like it’s not mine anymore when my orgasm takes it under its control. I can feel his smile when he kisses me as I almost collapse to the ground. It’s so cold inside when he leaves me, for a moment I feel so lost. Then, I fasten my tie, I fix my suit and I walk with all the dignity I have out of his office. His scent on my skin helps me to continue, give me the courage to confront all my demons. Because now I know I’m not just the tea boy anymore. Owen can say what he wants about it all, I’m more than a part-time shag to Jack. I know I will never be alone any longer, because Jack promises me that he will always protect me. I believe him.




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: Lost in the snow
Pairing: Jack/Ianto 
Rating: PG
: Not really, somewhere in season 2
: No, I don't know them
Summary: Ianto is lost… in the snow
Notes:  This is a for the gorgeous and amazing [info]cherry_soup888 and  [info]put_that_away because they think snow is a great thing…. Crazy people…. Beta: the fabulous and so talented [info]just_being_me08


master list 

Lost in the snow


 The whiteness is everywhere, he can’t see anything else. It’s cold, his whole body is freezing, like thousands of needles are aggressively piercing at his skin. His face is like an icy mask, the pain is everywhere. Slowly, he tries to make any kind of trace in this white hell, but all his steps are being stopped by the snow. Desperately he attempts to warm himself with his suit, but it’s not enough. He can’t win this game, the fight is in vain. Ianto Jones is lost in the snow. In the air the sound of a mobile ringing breaks through the air.


“Ianto? Where is my favourite Welshman? You went out an hour ago for coffee and you never came back. You know how much I like to see you around...”

“S-Sir, I t-think I have p-problem here...”

“Ianto, what’s happening? You sound freezing? Where are you?”

“T-That the p-problem sir, I’m l-lost... in t-the snow...”

“What? Ianto, stop kidding around! It’s a gorgeous sunny day...”

“Not whe-where I am s-sir...”

“Ianto this isn’t funny, tell me where you are. What can you see?”

“N-Nothing... I was on my way back, I t-thought it would be mo-more fast-ter if I took t-the alleys and t-then su-suddenly everyt-thing was white and c-cold….”

“Ianto, it’s vital, just keep talking to me. Tosh will try to scan the area and find you. There is a huge peak in rift activity and she thinks you are right in the middle of it.”

“J-Jack... its s-so cold...”

“Ianto, focus on my voice. Tosh will find you, I will find you. Ok?”

The voice sounds so far away. His fingers are frozen. He knows that to he has to fight the weakness that has taken over his mind and his body, but it seems so welcoming. If he wasn’t so freezing, he would certainly laugh at his situation: so close to the Hub and yet to be prisoner to a snow storm from the rift. Then, he hears steps behind him, someone or something is coming. Damn, what now, a snow alien? I’m so lucky... Ianto thinks nervously.

“J-Jack? J-Jack it’s t-that you?”

But only the sound of the furious winter wind answers him.


Suddenly strong arm takes him and squeezes him into an embrace.

“Got you Ianto Jones! Next time you fancy to walk in the snow just tell me before right?”

“J-Jaaaack! It’s not fu-fucking f-funny! I’m f-freezing!”

“Oh, my poor baby, come here I will warm you... don’t worry you will be very warm...”

“J-Jack, how d-did you f-find me s-so f-fast?”

“Well, twenty minutes after you went out, Tosh spotted a huge energy spike around the plass and suddenly the rift monitor was detecting really strong signals. Then, we see on the CCTV like a ball of snow created in an alley. I decided to go and take a look. And then she told me that you had not returned yet, so I came to find you.”

“W-what it’s s-sir?”

“It’s called a winter ball. I’ve seen this a few times. It’s like one of those glass ornaments, that you shake and its snowing inside. They are fleeting. It’s beautiful.”

“N-no, it’s n-not... it’s r-ridiculous and t-the c-coffee are freezing n-now!”

Then, Jack’s coat is wrapped around him, his body touching his, his mouth caressing his lips. He feels like the coldness has disappeared, suddenly he feels so strong.

“Ianto, I will never let you down. I will always come find you.”

Ianto Jones closes his eyes. He doesn’t know if he believes him. But for that one moment he feels like a fire ball in his arms and that’s all that matters.




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Title: You're falling Ianto Jones, take my hand -  Epilogue
: Jack/Ianto 
NC-17, dark, angst
: Not really, somewhere in season 2
: No, I don't know them
: Torchwood always save the day, but maybe not this times...
Summary chapter:
Ianto is falling….
Notes:  Ok, this is not a Christmas tales, this prompt didn't want to leave me alone, so I wrote it. And no I'm not insane, I'm only a teach. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!
Beta: The fabulous and so talented:

So, this is the end. Thank you so much to everyone who read and comment. I wish you a happy, fabulous and creative New Year !!!!! Big hugs !!!





You’re falling Ianto Jones, take my hand




Asleep, The Smiths

Sing me to sleep
Sing me to sleep
I don't want to wake up
On my own anymore
Sing to me
Sing to me
I don't want to wake up
On my own anymore
Don't feel bad for me



The darkness, it's everywhere, like he’s fallen into a deep hole. The cold air, all around him, like an invisible hand caressing the back of his neck. Ianto Jones walks alone in a place he doesn’t recognize.

“My little boy, what are you doing here? Whispers a warmth voice behind him.


“I’m here baby, I’m here…”
“Mum, what is this place?”                                                                               

“It’s where you go when you are dying…”

“I’m dying? … Mum... It all feels wrong….”
“I know baby…”

The woman takes him into her arms and Ianto feels like nothing else matters. She sings to him softly, for the little boy she left all too soon, for the son she did not cradle enough, for all the times she wasn't there to chase away the nightmares.

“You’re not supposed to be here…” Says the woman as she caresses Ianto’s hair.

“I did some awful things… I’m a bad person, I’m a monster…” Ianto whispered his voice shaky.

“No, don’t say that. It isn’t true, it really isn’t. You’re just my boy lost in the big world…”Says the woman, before taking Ianto’s face in her hands.

“There was a man, he ordered me to do all those horrible things … and I did it… There was a part of me that loved it…” Confesses Ianto with his eyes closed.

“The man is dead… He disappeared when you killed yourself, you were the link between him and reality… You severed that link, you saved the day my beautiful son…” Says the woman proudly.

“Mum, I don’t want to die…”

“Then wake up Ianto…”

“I don’t know how…”

“You know my son, you know…”

Suddenly the protective arms are not there anymore. He’s alone in the cold darkness. He’s falling and the sensation comes over him as a wave; the feeling of falling apart terrifies him. Ianto Jones screams, but there is no one there to listen.


Six hours before

It’s a cold in the blank white room. It’s not a place where you can hear joyous exclamations and laughter. It’s a room where time looks to have stopped, where sadness and despair grasp gradually at a person’s throat. In this room a woman looks to be sleeping, whilst a man cries softly at her side.

“Please Gwen, don’t leave me alone… Wake up my love… I’m here now…”

But the woman doesn’t reacts. She simply stays there in the silence.

“I need you babe… You know the meeting I have next week? Well, I know you said don’t go shopping alone, but I went and…Gwen, I’m not good with colour you know that. I bought this awful yellow shirt; the shop assistant told me it looked great… But, when I returned home...”

A profound sigh interrupts his monologue. In an instant, the woman wakes up.

“Gwen? Ah! Gwen!”

“Rhys… I told you… never going shopping… alone…”

“I swear my love! Never ever again!”

In this cold and white room, lovers embrace each other. The man caresses the woman’s hair and makes the promise he will always be in her side through all the darkness. And she believes him, she’s knows the monster is gone now, she’s no longer afraid. .


Eight hours after

In another room, another game is playing out. However, this time, the man who lies there doesn’t wake up; instead he falls slowly into death’s cold arms. His lover is by his side, he can’t do anything to help and so he just has to wait. He closes his eyes, kisses  his young lover’s lips and whispers encouraging words into his ears. Deep inside him, he knows the game is never over. Ianto is not alone, he’s there for him.


Ianto is falling, he’s dying.



“Ianto come back to me.”

“Jack! Help me!”

“You’re falling Ianto Jones, take my hand…”

In front of him, a big and strong hand appears in the darkness, and without hesitation Ianto Jones catches it furiously. The falling stops, the darkness disappears as raging river brings him into the light.


In this cold room something changes, a sparkle of hope passes across Jack’s eyes. Ianto squeezes his hand.



“Ianto wake up.”

“I can’t!”

“Ianto open your eyes, just do it for me…”

He opens his eyes, but the light hurts him. A hand touches his face, lips kiss his mouth, and suddenly he feels so alive.

“Welcome back Ianto Jones.”

Ianto smiles in return, he’s too weak to speak. Strong arms embrace him. He’s safe now.




It is a wonderful day in Cardiff, a beautiful sunny day. The children are playing in the park, women are all smiling in the fresh early spring, men are laughing loudly and flirting with them. Cardiff is a wonderful place to live. The population are safe; because Torchwood is there to protect them. No matter, what the price to pay is, the monsters will always be punished.





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Title: You're falling Ianto Jones, take my hand - Part 5/5 +Epilogue
: Jack/Ianto 
NC-17, dark, angst
Spoilers: Not really, somewhere in season 2
: No, I don't know them
Summary: Torchwood always save the day, but maybe not this times...
Summary chapter: The end of the game…
Notes:  Ok, this is not a Christmas tales, this prompt didn't want to leave me alone, so I wrote it. And no I'm not insane, I'm only a teach.


Beta: The fabulous, brilliant, amazing and so talented [info]just_being_me08    

Prologue   Part one   Part two   Part three      Part four 

Youre falling Ianto Jones, take my hand


Part five


24 hours before


“Oh, you know how much I love to hear you scream like this Ianto”

“It’s not the time or the place sir…”

“Nobody is looking…”

“We are still in a grocery store!”

“Well, it’s not really a standard grocery store… What’s that anyway? Ginkgo Biloba… It sounds like some alien sex toy… Oh! Did I ever tell you about this little gadget they have on this planet where everybody is naked? I was with this adorable creature and….”

“Jack! It’s a natural herbal food supplement and we are here for Tosh, she always buys her dark tea from here. And yes you have definitely told me this story before.”

“Oh! And did I ever told you how much I love to squeeze your sexy back when you are holding me and I can smell your hot essence? In fact do you know what I’m thinking right now? Maybe we can go back into the store and…”

“Sorry sirs, but can I help you with anything?”

“Yes mam, I’m not certain if this product is the best choice for me. I have trouble with my stomach and if…”

Ianto looks at his boss with a smile whilst he has a conversation with the employee about the  many benefits of a stable diet. Jack always knows how to react, he’s never destabilized. He loves the way he flirts with him in public, how he makes him feel gorgeous, feel unique. He always wished that he was special and Jack Harkness makes him believe in that now. Ianto Jones is a happy person, he’s in love.


24 hours after

Ianto Jones has a gun. Two men stand in front of him. One is his lover, the other is his master. Ianto Jones has a choice to make and he doesn’t know what to do.

“Kill him! That’s an order!” Yells the man in black with frustration in his voice.

“Ianto, don’t… I know you’re not like this…” Says Jack in soft voice.

“Argh… You make me sick. You don’t know him, you don’t love him. You shag him yes, but you think about her when you are in his arms. Hours before you wanted to kill him, you condemned him to hell. No, it’s too late captain, he’s my toy now…” Declares the man triumphantly.

Ianto Jones doesn’t move, he’s like a porcelain doll exposed in an antique dealer store. This vision of a perfect and sinister antique toy terrifies Jack, makes him even more afraid at being a pawn in this cruel game.  

“No.” Whispers Ianto.

“What? It’s not fair! You have to obey me! You’re mine!” Shouts the man pounding the floor with his foot like a spoilt child.

Then, slowly Ianto’s arm raises and the gun is pointed to his own temple. His face is impassible, no emotion is even visible.

“I’m sorry sir,  but the game is over… I love you Jack…” Says Ianto looking into lover’s eyes.

“Nooooo!” Shout both men in front of him in the same instant.

When the sound of the gunshot breaks through the air, two bodies collapse to the ground. Ianto Jones looks as if he is smiling in the middle of the growing pool of blood. Beside him, a man with a perfect black suit lies there. But, something wrong, his body is flat, like an empty puppet.

In an old and empty theater a play is over. The curtains go down. Three men are on the stage. Only one is alive.

“Everything is gonna be all right… Everything is gonna be all right…”Repeats Jack like a promise, rocking Ianto’s body in his arms.


Six hours after

“He still in the coma. The medics don’t know what to say. He has no injuries, no sign of any gunshot. Jack, he just sleeps, but he doesn’t react. I’m so sorry…” Says Owen in a serious voice.

“He will wake up, he will…” Answers Jack calmly, his arms crossed over his torso, standing beside the hospital bed.

In a white room a member of Torchwood team stands in front of his teammate. A new game begins and there is only one player. Six hours ago, in another white room, another member of the team woke up with merely a profound sigh.



Note: Ok, so thank you so much to all of you to read this and appreciated this. It was a lot of fun to write. Comments are always welcome and the epilogue will fellow soon. ;)
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Title: You're falling Ianto Jones, take my hand - Part 4/5 +Epilogue
: Jack/Ianto 
NC-17, dark, angst
Spoilers: Not really, somewhere in season 2
: No, I don't know them
Summary: Torchwood always save the day, but maybe not this times...
Summary chapter: The puppet master wants to play a new game…
Notes:  Ok, this is not a Christmas tales, this prompt didn't want to leave me alone, so I wrote it. And no I'm not insane, I'm only a teach.


Beta: The fabulous, brilliant, amazing and so talented [info]just_being_me08


Prologue  part one   part two    part three

You’re falling Ianto Jones, take my hand


Part four

A woman lies in a white bed. Beside her a man holds her hand softly, whispering soft words into her ear. He smiles to stop himself falling apart, his lover lying there in front of him, hovering between life and death.

“I don’t understand what happened…I will kill him. Ianto Jones is a dead man… I swear…” Declares Rhys angrily.

“Don’t Rhys, he wasn’t himself, and he wasn’t our Ianto. Something happened….I know him, he could never hurt his friends....” Says Tosh nervously, tears stinging in her eyes.

“Tell me what happened…I want to know what he did to her. Where was the famous captain Jack Harkness? Why he didn’t protect her? Why didn’t he save her?” Asks Rhys with a cold voice, looking at them furiously.

“We were weevil hunting. Gwen and Ianto were together inside an abandoned building. It was just an ordinary day. Then, Ianto asks for help, he said they were in danger. Jack was the first to go. I swear Rhys, Ianto isn’t himself, when Tosh and I found them; he shoved Tosh aside and tried to strangle me. He kidnapped Gwen and for hours we didn’t know where they were.” Says Owen without a looking at Rhys.

“But he tortured her, he shot her! How could he do that? She suffered for hours; I bet she begged him to stop, for it all to stop. My strong and beautiful Gwen crying alone with that monster…” Murmurs Rhys in anger.

In an instant Rhys stands up and pushes Owen to the wall beside them, his hands on his shoulders pushing him against the plaster.

“How could he do that? How could you let him do that?” Shouts Rhys into Owen’s face.

A hand rests on his shoulder, eyes looking softly at him. Then, he relaxes, Toshiko comforting him just by her definitive calm. He knows deep down inside, that they had done everything they could to save their teammate. His lover is safe in this hospital room. He’s with her, and everything will be all right. He will protect her. But, if only a part of the Torchwood team is secure now, somewhere in Cardiff another deadly game is just beginning.


Ianto’s body lies on the ground like dislocated puppet. Jack is by his side, fixed into a static position, standing as still as a statue. They are on a stage in an old and empty theater. Slowly the curtains go up, and the show can finally begin. Ianto’s eyes open, he stands up, but his body is leaning forward. With a series of jerky movements he stands completely. His visage is painted in white with red circles on the cheeks, exactly like an old wax doll, a fake smile smeared across the pale skin. Suddenly, a waltz melody plays out into the air. Ianto walks roughly forward to Jack and pulls him into an insane dance. Two bodies dance around on the stage, following the music’s cadence perfectly.

“Bravo! You are fabulous! Do you appreciate my new game Captain Jack Harkness?” Asks a loud voice in the parterre.

“Please Ianto, come back for me, stop…..” Pleads Jack to the impassive face of his lover.

“Oh, captain, you are so funny! Do you think that this is a fairy tale? He’s my toy now, not yours anymore!” Shouts the voice again.

The music plays faster, the dancers moving around more rapidly like leaves in the fierce wind.

“Ianto….” Whispers Jack.

A hysteric laugh resonates around the place and the music ends. The dancers stop moving, freezing in their tracks.

“Do you want to play captain?” Asks the man happily.

In Ianto’s hand a gun suddenly appears. Swiftly, his arm raises and points the gun at Jack. The man claps his hands in pleasure, a splendid smile spreading across his face as he anticipates the shot. But something is wrong, Ianto hesitates, the shot doesn’t sound.

“Do it my beautiful! Kill him!” Orders the man joyfully.

But Ianto doesn’t move, no emotion visible on his face. In an old and empty theater three men stand in the middle of a stage. Only one holds a gun.

Part five
Note 2: Ok,  this series is complete now. I had so much fun to write this and thank you very much for all the great comments you wrote. I have to return to work very soon with my real littles monsters (yup, working with teens.....) I hope you will enjoy the rest like you enjoyed the beginning.



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Title: You're falling Ianto Jones, take my hand - Part  3/?
: Jack/Ianto 
NC-17, dark, angst
Spoilers: Not really, somewhere in season 2
: No, I don't know them
Summary: Torchwood always save the day, but maybe not this times...
Summary chapter: In which way Jack know what happens to Ianto
Notes:  Ok, this is not a Christmas tales, this prompt didn't want to leave me alone, so I wrote it. And no I'm not insane, I'm only a teach.
Beta: The fabulous, brilliant, amazing and so talented [info]just_being_me08

Prologue     part one    part two

You’re falling Ianto Jones, take my hand...

Part three

Jack Harkness wakes up with a profound moan. He is lying on the cold ground, surrounded by the darkness. There is a brief clap of hands along side a man’s laugh and the lights suddenly illuminate the room.

“Well done! I’m impressed, that was a brilliant performance!” Yells a tall man in front of him.

The man wears classic black suit, like he is presiding over a ceremony, Ianto standing by his side, a smile across his face, no longer injured. All around them, toys are spread across the floor, as if they are in a spoilt child’s room. Jack turns his head to glance around, eyeing the wax dolls, olds puppets, automatic clowns and rag dolls that are everywhere, looking at him.

“Who are you?” Asks Jack in hoarse voice.

“I am the puppet master.” Answers the man smiling in all his prestige.

“No offense, but it sounds like nothing to be afraid of.” Replies Jack with amusement, trying to stand up, pain written across his face.

“Captain, my beautiful Ianto was right, you are truly amazing for your kind! Perfect” Answers  the man with a cold glance before kissing Ianto so passionately.

The view of Ianto being kissed by this man gives Jack an unfamiliar feeling of nausea, an icy wave passing over him. He feels dirty, a mix of anger and sadness building insidiously inside him. This is a nightmare. I will wake up soon in Ianto’s arms; I will wake up soon, thinks Jack without really believing any of it.

“What have you done to him?! He’s not himself; the Ianto I know could never have done this to anyone, to his teammates.” Shouts Jack drily looking directly into Ianto’s cold and indifferent eyes.

“I gave him a choice. I spoke to his other side, the dark and powerful side that awoke at Canary Wharf, but which he refused to give life to. I have given him the right to live and a reason to be free.” Declares the man proudly, caresses Ianto’s face softly.

Then, in an instant the dolls, the puppets, all of the toys move slowly towards Ianto to be by his side, to almost cover him completely. Jack stares at the scene in horror, feeling the ground open under his feet, like he can’t breathe. He tries to scream his name, but just a primal groan escapes his lips. In the room, like thunder, the man’s laugh echoes everywhere.


12 hours before

“Ianto? Gwen? Where are you?!” Asks Jacks nervously into the comm. unit, running into the now dark alley.

Nobody answers him, a sudden and brutal panic sensation beginning to devour him inside. The door opens with a crash, as he enters the place without hesitation, knowing something is wrong. His team is in serious trouble.

“Jack, we put the weevils into the SUV, they will sleep for hours. Tosh and I are in the other side of the building. We will find them.” Says Owen with a trusting voice.

“Tosh, Owen, stick together, that’s an order. Never break communication. Be safe.” Orders Jack firmly.

As soon as he takes the next corridor, Ianto is standing in front him. His head is leaning forward, arms hanging at his side, face so pale.

“Ianto, are you all right? Where’s Gwen?” Asks Jack holding him tightly.

“It’s always her, it’s always been her. I’m a big idiot! I believed all your lies….. sir.” Whispers Ianto into Jack’s ear.

“What? What’s do you mean? What’s happening??” Asks Jack, so unsure about what is going on.

“Sir, I swear, a part of me loved you, but I killed it. I’m sorry Jack, the game…… it’s over.” Replies Ianto.

They face each other for a moment; their bodies close for a last dance, as if time has stopped. Tenderly, Ianto reaches up and kisses Jack’s lips, his hand caressing his neck.

“Jack, forgive me...” Begs Ianto as he knocks Jack’s head violently against the wall behind them.

Ianto Jones walks on through the corridors of this old and abandoned building. Behind him his lost lover lies motionless on the floor, but he doesn’t care anymore. A new desire burns inside him. Ianto wants to have fun and Gwen is the perfect victim.


12 hours after

“I don’t understand.... Why him?...” Asks Jack unable to tear his gaze from Ianto.

“Well, he was so young, so beautiful. I found so much anger, distress and suffering deep inside him, he was perfect. I just had to push him that little bit and he did the rest himself. Then, I saw you, felt you inside him. Oh, what a wonderful sensation...... and I saw her, Gwen, felt the jealousy.... it gave me all the power I needed! I knew that I had found new toys to play with! Captain, he did so well with her! And how he handled the others…..truly amazing!” Declares the man, eyes sparkling like a child.

“And why am I here?” Asks Jack, never breaking eye contact with Ianto who now looks at him with confused eyes.

“Why? Oh, captain, you are the most incredible doll I ever had! I have to repair all my other toys, but you, you are indestructible! All the games I can play thanks to you! So of course, I order my beautiful new toy to bring you here to me. ” Says the man with a joyous voice.

Beside the man, Ianto stands alone in the middle of the toys which begin to move in a sinister way around him. Something changes in his face, his smile falls. Increasingly, terror replaces the cold happiness he had before. His eyes locks onto Jack’s.

 “Jack... Help me....” Squeals Ianto with a broken voice, like a lost boy, looking right into Jack’s eyes.

“No! You are my toy now, you will listen to me!” Shouts the man angrily.

From nowhere, children’s music plays out into the room, Ianto collapsing to the ground like a puppet that has had his strings cut. Jack’s scream break the air.


Part four

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Title: You're falling Ianto Jones, takes my hand - Part  2/?
Pairing: Jack/Ianto 
Rating: NC-17, dark, angst

Spoilers: not really, somewhere in season 2
Disclaimer: No, I don't know them
Torchwood always save the day, but maybe not this times...
Notes:  Ok, this is not a christmas tales, this prompt didn't want to leave me alone, so I wrote it.And no I'm not insane, I'm only a teach.
Beta: the fabulous, brilliant, amazing and so talented[info]just_being_me08




You’re falling Ianto Jones, take my hand...

Part two

Ianto Jones runs, for his life, for the redemption he knows he never will have. The pain is everywhere, like his body is an open wound. He can feel his pursuer’s warm and halting breath bruise the back of his neck, Jack Harkness will catch him. Ianto knows that he wants to stop him, to hurt him, to kill him. So he runs as fast as he can, he doesn’t want to die. He has to reach this building, this door in front of him, just a few meters more and he will be safe.  But at the very moment the door opens, strong hands grab his shoulders and push him brutally to the ground. Two bodies roll over, locked in a macabre dance.

“Why?” Jack whispers, his fingers creeping nervously around Ianto’s neck.

“Oh captain, my captain, you don’t love me anymore?” Replies Ianto, a thick amusement within his voice.

“Ianto please, don’t make me hate you... Don’t make me kill you...” Jack asks, clutching at Ianto’s hair as he knocks his head violently against the floor.

The pain, it’s everywhere, like his body is an open wound. Ianto Jones is dying, his boss, his friend, his lover, murdering him.


12 hours before

“No, it wasn’t like that. I knew it was an alien!” Owen tries to explain.

“Oh, of course Owen, we believe you. What we don’t understand is why you asked it for a drink after work.” Gwen says with a smile, standing by his side.

“It’s was just for the investigation, I’m a professional.” Replies Owen seriously.

“Is that why I have to call you almost every morning to be sure you’re awake?” Asks Toshiko without looking at him, concentrating hard on her computer screen within SUV’s bonnet.

“Yup, your professionalism takes my breath away.” Says Ianto calmly, Gwen’s laugh explode in the air.  

“Ok kids, fun’s over. We have weevils to catch. Tosh, How many are they?” Jack asks firmly, interrupting their banter.

“Two in this alley and one in the building.” Answers Toshiko looking right into Jack’s eyes.

“Gwen, Ianto you take the building. Stick together, alright? Tosh and Owen, you’re with me.” Jack orders striding off towards the alley.

Gwen and Ianto looks each other for a moment, before nodding and moving to open the dirty building’s doors. It’s a vast and abandoned edifice, an old shopping center. Boxes, cases, disparate furniture are all over the place, a lurid dust covering everything. A feeble late sun’s light crosses over the broken windows.

“Creepy...” Says Ianto with a slight smile.

“Brrr, I hate this kind of place, it’s always scares me like I’m a little girl again.” Replies Gwen taking a torch light and her gun.

“Don’t worry, I’m here with you.” Assures Ianto, as his fingers tighten around his gun.

“I know you will always protect me.” Says Gwen with a smile in her voice.

“I try my best.” Replies Ianto seriously.

All of a sudden, a growling pierces the air and Gwen runs quickly to where the noise is coming from. Ianto, at first, doesn’t realise that Gwen is not at his side anymore. He shouts her name trying to stop her, but she’s so far away that he isn’t capable of catching her. A gunshot and a human scream comes from somewhere and his heart beat stops for a moment. Please, no, not Gwen, he thinks to himself nervously.

“Sir, we have trouble here.” Says Ianto with a grave voice into his comm. unit, running down the corridor.

“What’s happening? Where are you? Where’s Gwen?” Jack asks frantically, trying to restrict the panic in his voice.

“I... I was with her….. but then we heard a growl and she ran. I’m sorry sir, I lost her...” Confesses Ianto gravely.

“Ianto, where are you exactly? I’m coming.” Says Jack.

Ianto looks around him, he doesn’t know where he is. The walls are different, no dust cover the ground, children’s music playing softly in the air. He is in an empty room. Then, he hears a giggle, before a pain pierces his head and he collapse to the ground.

“Ianto? Ianto?! Where are you? Gwen?! Can you hear me?!” Shouts Jack’s voice, but there is no one to answer him.


 12 hours after

Ianto head knocks violently against the concrete floor. The pain is everywhere. He’s exactly where he wanted to be. After all, he’s won.

“Jack, I’m sorry...” Whispers Ianto.

For a moment, a simple second, Jack sees real love in Ianto’s eyes. Then, a gunshot explodes, the world topples over and he’s falling through the darkness. Jack Harkness is dead.


English its not my first language, its very hard for me to write this but its really fun too, its a good style exercice for the writer in me.  Without my fabulous beta, I'm not sure this will be good, so thanks Si. Comments are always welcome and appreciated, if you like or dislike please take the times to explain why, it is possible. Have good times everyones and Joyeux temps des fêtes.
prologue    part one  part three

Dedicate to a fabulous and so talented young woman, Sian.  She's a good friend now and its her birthay today !!!!


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