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: Lost in the snow
Pairing: Jack/Ianto 
Rating: PG
: Not really, somewhere in season 2
: No, I don't know them
Summary: Ianto is lost… in the snow
Notes:  This is a for the gorgeous and amazing [info]cherry_soup888 and  [info]put_that_away because they think snow is a great thing…. Crazy people…. Beta: the fabulous and so talented [info]just_being_me08


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Lost in the snow


 The whiteness is everywhere, he can’t see anything else. It’s cold, his whole body is freezing, like thousands of needles are aggressively piercing at his skin. His face is like an icy mask, the pain is everywhere. Slowly, he tries to make any kind of trace in this white hell, but all his steps are being stopped by the snow. Desperately he attempts to warm himself with his suit, but it’s not enough. He can’t win this game, the fight is in vain. Ianto Jones is lost in the snow. In the air the sound of a mobile ringing breaks through the air.


“Ianto? Where is my favourite Welshman? You went out an hour ago for coffee and you never came back. You know how much I like to see you around...”

“S-Sir, I t-think I have p-problem here...”

“Ianto, what’s happening? You sound freezing? Where are you?”

“T-That the p-problem sir, I’m l-lost... in t-the snow...”

“What? Ianto, stop kidding around! It’s a gorgeous sunny day...”

“Not whe-where I am s-sir...”

“Ianto this isn’t funny, tell me where you are. What can you see?”

“N-Nothing... I was on my way back, I t-thought it would be mo-more fast-ter if I took t-the alleys and t-then su-suddenly everyt-thing was white and c-cold….”

“Ianto, it’s vital, just keep talking to me. Tosh will try to scan the area and find you. There is a huge peak in rift activity and she thinks you are right in the middle of it.”

“J-Jack... its s-so cold...”

“Ianto, focus on my voice. Tosh will find you, I will find you. Ok?”

The voice sounds so far away. His fingers are frozen. He knows that to he has to fight the weakness that has taken over his mind and his body, but it seems so welcoming. If he wasn’t so freezing, he would certainly laugh at his situation: so close to the Hub and yet to be prisoner to a snow storm from the rift. Then, he hears steps behind him, someone or something is coming. Damn, what now, a snow alien? I’m so lucky... Ianto thinks nervously.

“J-Jack? J-Jack it’s t-that you?”

But only the sound of the furious winter wind answers him.


Suddenly strong arm takes him and squeezes him into an embrace.

“Got you Ianto Jones! Next time you fancy to walk in the snow just tell me before right?”

“J-Jaaaack! It’s not fu-fucking f-funny! I’m f-freezing!”

“Oh, my poor baby, come here I will warm you... don’t worry you will be very warm...”

“J-Jack, how d-did you f-find me s-so f-fast?”

“Well, twenty minutes after you went out, Tosh spotted a huge energy spike around the plass and suddenly the rift monitor was detecting really strong signals. Then, we see on the CCTV like a ball of snow created in an alley. I decided to go and take a look. And then she told me that you had not returned yet, so I came to find you.”

“W-what it’s s-sir?”

“It’s called a winter ball. I’ve seen this a few times. It’s like one of those glass ornaments, that you shake and its snowing inside. They are fleeting. It’s beautiful.”

“N-no, it’s n-not... it’s r-ridiculous and t-the c-coffee are freezing n-now!”

Then, Jack’s coat is wrapped around him, his body touching his, his mouth caressing his lips. He feels like the coldness has disappeared, suddenly he feels so strong.

“Ianto, I will never let you down. I will always come find you.”

Ianto Jones closes his eyes. He doesn’t know if he believes him. But for that one moment he feels like a fire ball in his arms and that’s all that matters.





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