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Title: Shhhhh…. Close your eyes Ianto Jones, it’s not a dream…chapter six

Pairing: Jack/Ianto , the team
Rating: NC-17, angst
: Not really, somewhere early in season 1, but after countryside and cyberwoman
: No, I don't know them

Summary: Torchwood team has problem, can Jack save them all ?
Summary chapter:  Its not over....

Notes:  So this is a new series. I hope you gonna like it. I don’t know what I have this days, my life it’s a little bit complicated, a moment I laugh and the moment after I cry. My muses are crazy… and no I’m not pregnant, I’m only a teach.
Beta: the so fabulous and talented just_being_me08   

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Shhhhh…. Close your eyes Ianto Jones, it’s not a dream….


Chapter six


Years ago

Blood is everywhere; the corpses lay there in perfect immobility. In this chaos, one man still lives. He is sitting on the ground, in his arms a young man rests. Death brought him down just like the others, the last vestige of his young life escaping his lips. The man drinks his last breath in a kiss. Beside him a glass ball stands. Only a moment before, a strong light exploded in the ball, but now it is dead just like the five people around. The only survivor holds the man more firmly in his arms. His eyes are closed, his face is dark, no tears fall. It’s like a cold hand squeezing at his heart, like he could never breath normally again. Jack Harkness is a broken man, he swears to himself he will never love again.



They lie on the ground. Death hasn’t taken them yet. A luminous glass ball turns around them. Jack takes Ianto in his arms; the young man is just unconscious. He is so pale that the other man has to hold him close to be sure that life doesn’t leave him. He feels his breath, but his heart beat is too fast.

“Ianto, I’m here… Please, stay with me… You have to relax…”

Behind him, foot steps echo in the night. Owen runs towards them. Then, Ianto convulses, his body shakes violently. A moment later, his convulsions stop and Ianto becomes like a rag doll in Jack’s arms.

“Fuck, the tea boy has had a heart attack! Let him go, Jack I have to do cardiac resuscitation! MOVE!”


One month before

Ianto sighs, the silence in the Hub is so intense, its so empty. He walks around to collect the dishes and the waste the others leave behind. It’s his role, his job, what he was hired for. But, sometimes, at moments like this, he misses Lisa in the basement. His beautiful Lisa, injured, alone and so in need. He knows she was not her anymore, but at least she needed him, he had a purpose, a utility. His life had meaning. Some days, the guilt and the sadness was so hard to bear, that it was like strong hands pressing down onto his shoulder, like walking was more difficult with every step. Then one day, it all stopped, his secret had been discovered and his world crumbled. Ianto sighs, yes that day was a nightmare, but at the same time it was like someone pulled his head from the water, like he could breathe for the first time in a while. But now, he knows the real significance of loneliness.



“We’re losing him Jack!”

“Owen, you’re the medic…. do your damn job! Save him!”

“Jack…. I…. I can’t…”

Ianto just lies there, so pale, his heart stopping. He’s dead.


Two weeks before

Jack Harkness sighs, he feels so empty, so exhausted. He feels so old, immortality is a curse, the loneliness is like a wound which is always open. He closes his eyes; sitting at his desk, papers and reports all around him. Then a hand presses softly on his shoulder.


Ianto stands behind him. So beautiful in his perfect suit, he smiles at him, but the expression on his face is obscure, his eyes are sad. Jack looks at him, like he is seeing him for the first time, like he knows exactly what he needs. He opens his arms and pulls the other man into a firm and tender embrace. His head rests on Ianto’s chest. Ianto’s arms encircle him and for a moment time stops, the worries go away, they are not alone anymore.



Three men lay on the ground. One is dead, the two others watching him silently, like they don’t realize what has happened.

“Jack… Jack I’m so sorry…”

“I lost him before…”

“Jack… What slowed down your fall?…. We saw you on CCTV…”

“ It was the ball…… it was in my pocket…. I don’t understand why but it seems as if it didn’t want us to fall to our deaths…… yet…..”

Suddenly the young man gasps and opens his eyes. A low moan escapes his mouth.

“Jack! He’s…. he’s alive!”

“They want to play… Damn it, the sons of bitches, they want to play….”

Jack pulls Ianto into his arms, kissing his forehead.

“Ianto, I’m so sorry, so sorry….”



Like everytime I really hope you enjoyed it and please, pretty leave a message ;)


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