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May. 3rd, 2009 03:04 pm
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I have some problems. The big one is my laptop: is very very sick. They say that could take a month before I could have it. That or loose everything I have inside..... So I choose to wait. But that mean I dont have computer and time to read you. I miss you all, please, give me some news, tell me how you are!!! I try my best to read you and give you hug when I can steal some time at computer I have here and there in my way.......

The second problem: my series Blue Lizard. I wrote it on papers, so now I need to find computer and time to write it and sent to my fabulous beta. You know my series is dark, and for mature people. My Ianto is an assassin.... He will have to destroy Torchwood.... So, I can decide if he will kill or not a member to Torchwood Three.... he should because is an assassin... What you think???????? Please help me....

Other problem: I will move to Montreal this summer. My best firend leave there with her boyfriend and her two kids. My best friend si a great mother, a really great one But, she do nothing that stay at home and the people visit her. She is very great, but , she just saty at home and drink with people. she doesnt do activity like before, she not go at theater, not go at park, dont do bike.... I need to do biking, trekking, go at museum, theatre DOING ACTIVITIES !!! Today I went to Montreal ( I leave at 45 minutes from there) for see her boyfriend because I have problem with my car. So, she was not there, but his boyfriend and friends was. They went at bar last night and drank a lot. I called her last night, she didnt talk to me about that........  I think we are not in the same way of life anymore. In my return to home, i cried a lot alone in my car because I realised that the life separate us.

I need new friends, I need new friends to do activities, I speak French but Im really good in English!! lol I need friends to go at museum, to go outside, to move !!!!!  Soooo, if you are like that and leave at or near to Montreal or if you have some friends who leave there and want new and friends: IM HERE !!!! LOL Really, I know is look weird, but I need to clean my life and my friends from my past (I talked to you before about that.....) I NEED FRIENDS!!! I great person, happy and always ready to move to do activty !!! ;)  Ohhh, and I need a boyfriend too !!!!!

Soooooooooo, please, talk to me, tell me how you are, help me with my series and be my friend !!!!!! ;)

take care and big hug



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