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Title: Music
Pairing: Ianto/Lisa
Rating: nc-15
Word count:  157 words
Spoilers: Cyberwoman
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or any of the characters

Warning: angst
Summary:  Ianto Jones find comfort in music...
Beta:  The deilcious and sexy     [ profile] frakkin_addict 
Notes: The Torchwood muses are almost dead for me, but this little fic wanted to be alive. I like to think Ianto truly loved Lisa before Jack and really suffered alone hidden with his cybergirlfriend... This is the result of my love for jazz, a bad day with students and my passion to make suffer our pretty Ianto. *free hugs* (Because we always need hug)  Dont forget English is not my first language :)





The music, it is like little drops of heaven suspended in the air. Ianto Jones closes his eyes and smiles: his mind flies away. Inside him the ball of stress disappears, his shoulders fall softly, and the world around is lit by thousands of sparkles: Ianto Jones feels alive. The music caresses him like a lover, the trumpet seduces him, drum embraces him tightly: for a moment Ianto Jones doesn’t hear the sounds of the machines in the room. The young man knows it’s ephemeral, as though time stops just for him and her, stuck in a fragile glass bubble. He breathes deeply; he is so exhausted.  His life is just lies, faint smiles and cold seduction. But for a moment he forgets everything; it’s just her, the music and him. In the dark and isolated room, beside his cybergirlfriend, the young man just enjoys the fragile moment of happiness.

“I love you Lisa…”

The end


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