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So, this few weeks was not very great for me: doubts, exhausted,  choice to do, little sadness...... I was worried about me, my work, my written, my capacity to have friends. Then, I took the decision to move at Montreal. I visited a lot of flat with my big brother, but nothing was great for me or when I really like one the owner took another one. So, saturday I was a little but depress and thought that I will never fing a flat like I want: a safe place for a woman alone, good price, I can have my two cats, near to a bus and metro and great flat (not a place where all his ruined....

So, saturday morning I was with my big brother down to Montreal streets and searching a flat. I was not certain to find something. We visited three flat, but there was not really what I wanted, but I thought maybe just take something to be certain to have a home. But my brother always told me that I have a negative mood, I will find something, I just have to believe it.... Ya right, believe and I will find ??? But my precious brother was really positive and funny so after a good laugh moment, I was in a positive mood again, We walked like three hours and finally we arrived in an aera with big trees and people look like very happy. So I felt this is my place. My brother said that I will find something here. I was agree with him.  Finally we arrived in front of great building and there was a flat to rent, I called the owner, we visited the flat (hooooooo what a great place, exactly what I wanted !!!!!!!) 45 minutes later I had my bail in my hand and the flat was mine. I FOUND EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED !!!!!!!!!

Sooooooo, I think this is a message someone wanted to give me. Don't know  if his God, or my friend who died years ago, or my gardain angel or just the life, but that make me realized that the life is beautiful and maybe sometime the shit arrived, but there is always something fabulous who wait in the other side of the corner, I keep my smile because there is always something great who arrive is your life.

Last week I searched new friend. I talked to my best friend and we are agree to see each other in other place that just at her flat and do something else. I saw this week-end a old friend and have really precious time with her. And the day after my entry about new friend and want someone to do activity I received a e-mail from a really great friend with who I did trecking and camping and she asked me what I donna do this summer because she want to go see the whales in kayak. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the life is beautiful, I just have to believe in it.


Hummm, I just want to tell you my little piece of life for make you smile and tell you there is always piece of happiness somewhere, always.

Big hug et gros calins at everyone who need some
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