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Title: Early morning
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or any of the characters.
Summary: The morning after Countryside Ianto Jones doesnt want to get up the bed...
Word count: 271
Spoilers: Season Countryside
warning: maybe you'll want to return in your bed after that....
Rating: NC-15
Beta:the so amazing Thrace_adams
Genre: kind of fluff with sparkles of angst? 
Note from the author:   I thought my muse for Torchwood was dead. Well, look like not. This is a little fic for the joy to play with the words and my reaction for the shit that look to be season 4. For me, Torchwood is not just Jack and Gwen. Bonne lecture.

Early morning 


Ianto Jones wakes up gently. He doesn’t want to opens his eye, he tastes the moment like a fresh peach; as if the world stops just for me…It’s the early morning, the moment where the city seems to sleep; Where anything is possible in the world of the night revellers…All his body screams for redemption, the day before, he had been injured, kicked, beaten and tied up like a piece of meat. In fact, he was a piece of meat; in the end, all my life reduced to being a piece of art for a butcher…Ianto Jones sighs, the tragic moments are like far away gruesome souvenirs now, he doesn’t want to remember the image of his friend tied up and so vulnerable; My beautiful Toshiko, I’ll always protect you… My precious Japanese porcelain doll… The sun enters the room, rays of light are like a fragmented crystal pieces of eternity; involving the faint hope of new day for a man without faith… Ianto Jones doesn’t want to greet this new day, he just want to lie in his bed; where there is no monster hidden in the closet. He laughs softly, there are always monsters hidden in the closet. But for now, he just wants to savor the moment, because he knows this piece of peace is fleeting.

“I don’t want to get out of bed…”

Strong arms encircle him, warm breath caresses his neck and words are whispered like kisses to his ear:

“My neither Jones, Ianto Jones…”

The young man smiles and keeps his eyes closed, he just savors the moment like a fresh peach…



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