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OMG!!!!! Do you know how much I am afraid about zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Honestly, I have a plan if the zombies attack me in my flat. lucky me I have two balcons, so if they enters by the front, I take Bobo and RUN!!!!!!!!!   

If I am in a crowd with zombies, I'll act like a zombie... They dont look to have a big brain, so I'll act like them, with Bobo, and then we gonna run to a safe place...

If they attack me and they are everywhere, I'll take a boat. In the lake of sea, there are noooo zombies, no, no!!!

Ouf, wow, just to talk about it I am completly terrorized.... I have to cook a cake, I want a cake!!!!

But why hooooo why zombies exist????  You never know when a zombie could attack you.. Be prepared...

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I take criticism with happiness. Please, make criticism. Without criticism there is no progress. I had a lot of criticism in the past about my written : from my big brother, my best friend, strangers. I need and I want criticism. Here, I love all my comments, but something I have doubts: no criticism, its like I am always sooooooooooooooooo good, in then I have doubt... Maybe I am not so good? Or maybe people are just shy to tell me???? The only one I had its was one reader asked me what that shit I wrote. I was sooooooooo depress, this was not a criticism I want...

I am very critic with people, but only people I care and I believe in.

I am too much critic about myself.

Free hugs!!!!!


and you????
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Its boring here.... I wait my fridge...... So I did it !!!!   Two thruts, one lie... Find the lie and comment!!! (I know, what a great game !!!!)

Good luck

1-    I lost myself in the streets of London at 1 am.........

2-   I lost myself in the streets of Madrid at 4 am.........

3-  I lost myself in the streets of Playa del Carmen (town in the Yucatan, Mexico)  around midnight.........

Yep, I have some problem with the direction, orientation........     I stole this game at [personal profile] put_that_away  (she's fabulously great ! lol)

Have a nice day :)

Big hug et gros calins

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[Error: unknown template qotd]I can't take just one, so I take two:

Cent ans the solitude (Cien anos de solidad)  from Gabriel Garcia Marquez (this book changed my life, I think is the better book I read in my life...... its a chef-d'oeuvre!!!!!)

East of Eden from John Steinbeck,   this book is so good, the characters, the story, the powerful emotion. You have to read this.

There are more and more, but this two books was sooooo amazing..... but I could choose 1984 or Animal farm from Orwell, Frankestein from Marie Shelley, or Lord of the flies from William Golding.... but no, I choose other books..... ;)
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Do you prefer the right of the lef side of the bed ?
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Do nothing, just eated, read and wrote... Hope its not mean all my new year will  be like this.... (ok, I'm nervous now...)


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