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Title:As you  wish Ianto Jones
Pairing: Jack/Ianto 
Rating: NC-17 (smut, slash....)

: Not really, somewhere early in season 1
: No, I don't know them
Warning:  sex, m/m kissing, bad words......
Summary: Torchwood team have fun, in different way....
Notes: Ok, so hummm, this is my first smut fic.... just a little smut.....  I always challenge myself so this is the result.... please comment and let me know if I should never challenge myself anymore.... lol Ho, and don't forget English is not my first language, I try my best .
Beta:  The fabulous and so talented

master list

As you wish Ianto Jones…..


Jack drops the document onto his desk. He sighs; putting his head in his hands and feeling the tension in his body. He feels exhausted. It was not a particularly hard day; it was just the usual long and demanding Torchwood day.  He stands up slowly; stretching his back before walking through the door. Laughter catches his attention, a clear and contagious burst of laughter echoing through the Hub that makes Jack smile. On the first level, Toshiko, Gwen and Owen look like they are having a lot of fun. Owen gesticulates in a theatrical way and the girls around him look on with a smile fixed on her faces.

“…and I swear I was so shy!”

Another laugh replies as a last declaration. The happiness wins Jack over and suddenly he feels so proud of his team. He goes down the stairs to join them.

“What’s up kids?”

“Oh Jack! You have to hear this, Owen he’s so pathetic sometimes!”

“Well, thanks Gwen, I’m feeling so much more confident right now…”

“Oh, Owen, admit it, it was not one of your better moves. I have to agree with Gwen this time….”

“Thanks Tosh, I’m really feeling better now.”

Another giggle explodes in the Hub.

“Ok, you peak my curiosity. What did you do this time?”

“Thanks Jack, now I really do feel hurt…” Owen replies with a hand on his heart.

The hilarity affects them all equally and laughter explodes for another time into the air.

“So, since you insist… I told the girls that the first time I made it with a girl I was at her flat. I was so excited again in the morning that when I heard the sound of the shower I was sure she was the one in it. So I got out of bed and ran completely naked to join her. I opened the shower curtain violently and shouted Taaadaaaa I’m here baby! But it wasn’t her in the shower….”

“It was her mum!” Yells Gwen in a hysteric way.

“And I don’t have to mention that my little soldier was ready to do his duty……so to speak.”

This time the laughter is more powerful. Jack feels the tension in his body lessen slightly, like a new energy making him stronger.

“How was I supposed to know she lived with her mum?”

“Yeah, but the Mum’s are delicious too sometimes….”

“Jack!” Shout the girls at the same time.

Jack grins proudly; he loves these sorts of moments with his team. When no danger runs around, when fear no longer squeezes against their backs, when he doesn’t have to worry about the world. Tosh and Gwen have sparkles in her eyes and Owen looks like a little kid. Then, suddenly he realizes that someone is missing.

“Where’s Ianto?”

“He hasn’t come down from the tourist office yet.” 

“Thanks Tosh, I’ll see if everything is all right there….”

“I’m certain the tea boy is having a lot of fun with his leaflets Jack!”

Jack doesn’t pay attention to Owen’s insinuation. The fact that Ianto is alone upstairs annoys him. After the cyberwoman nightmare he made a promise to himself to never ignore or shut away his youngest member. He feels responsible for Ianto’s distress, feels guilty about not paying more attention to him before. He almost runs to the tourist office, expecting to find him in a bad mood. He should be with the rest of the team, he shouldn’t be alone, he should be with the others like the team member he is. When the secret door opens the view Jack has in front of him makes him stop with surprise. Ianto is not weeping and at the edge of collapse, but all smiles and laughter. He is sat in front of his computer, joy painted on his face. In a few large steps Jack stands beside him, a hand resting on the young man’s shoulder.


“Sir! Did I miss the coffee round?”

“No… No… Ianto, are you are right? I was worried about you. The tourist office has been closed for a while and you haven’t been around…”

Suddenly the famous Jack Harkness feels so idiotic, like is a teenage girl who flirts for the first time. Fortunately, the grin on the younger man’s face brings back his confidence.

“Well, I don’t think I have to worry anymore… Having fun alone Ianto Jones?”

“Oh… The office was closed… and I just went on the web and found this little video on YouTube…..I….. I didn’t do it during office hours… I just…”

The hesitation and the sudden embarrassment of Ianto’s reaction make Jack laugh. Closing the distance between them, he presses his body strongly against the other man, putting his hands on Ianto’s hips and murmuring into his ear:

“I think I know a better way to have fun young man…”

Shivers cross Ianto’s body and Jack takes it like an invitation. Looking directly in Ianto’s eyes, he slowly opens the other’s pants. He hears Ianto’s breathing begin to accelerate, lust appearing in his gaze, his mouth so full of desire. When the pants fall to the floor Ianto presses his hard groin firmly against his partner and tries to kiss him. But, Jack backs off and looks at him with amusement.

“Oh no, it’s not that easy. I want to hear you beg Ianto Jones.”

Then, he kneels in front of him and caresses Ianto’s thighs. Little by little, Ianto’s underwear gradually slips to the floor, his fingers caressing his hot skin. His eyes are locked onto Ianto’s face, savoring his young lover’s reaction like a fresh water fall. Ianto’s body convulses like the waves at this intimate and so exciting moment. Seeing Jack on his knees, his gaze devouring him and being himself so vulnerable bring him to the edge, like his heart will explode anytime soon. When his underwear finally stops at his ankles, his cock stands proudly in the air. He closes his eyes, he waits for Jack’s mouth, for the pleasure he knows so well. But nothing happens, the lips never touch him, the tongue doesn’t devour him. He opens his eyes in an instant. Jack stays on his knees and looks at him with the most desirable gaze he has ever seen.



“Sir…. What are you… waiting for?”

“Oh, you know what I waiting for…”



“I feel stupid like this…”

“Oh, believe me you’re not... the view is gorgeous…”

Ianto blushes dramatically. Jacks strong hands grasp firmly his buttocks bringing with them a heady sensation and making him unsure of whether he can hold on.

“Sir, can you… I want…”

“Yes? What do you want?”



Then, Jack put his open mouth just near enough to Ianto’s cock without touching it. Ianto feels the hot breath caresses his shaft and barely a moment later it is like the world is exploding around him, making him lose control.

“Fucking Jack Harkness take my fucking dick into your fucking mouth and suck me to hell!”

“As you wish Ianto Jones…”


So should I stop to write this kind of fic and just write drama and suspence fic? Don't be afraid to be honest, I'm not certain about this one......

HO, and because I think you probably want to know what Ianto whatched on you tube.....
   Ianto's video





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