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Title: Shhhhh…. Close your eyes Ianto Jones, it’s not a dream…chapter five

Pairing: Jack/Ianto , the team
Rating: NC-17, angst
: Not really, somewhere early in season 1, but after countryside and cyberwoman
: No, I don't know them

Summary: Torchwood team has problem, can Jack save them all ?
Summary chapter:  What’s real?

Notes:  So this is a new series. I hope you gonna like it. I don’t know what I have this days, my life it’s a little bit complicated, a moment I laugh and the moment after I cry. My muses are crazy… and no I’m not pregnant, I’m only a teach.
Beta: the so fabulous and talented just_being_me08  

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Shhhhh…. Close your eyes Ianto Jones, it’s not a dream….




Chapter five


On the roof

On the roof, two men stand. To a stranger’s eyes, they look as if they are locked together in a dance, like two passionate lovers. But, it’s not how it looks, the scene is passionate, but one man is fight for life, the other for an inevitable and intense death.

“Jack! Let me go! You don’t understand…. I will fly!”

“IANTO! I thought I that I’d lost you once, I swear I will not let you down twice…”

“Jack I hate you! Let me go!”

“Never, Ianto Jones! I know you don’t hate me… ”

Two bodies fight desperately; they move dangerously near the edge, the sound of their saccade breaths cut the air like macabre music. Then, the edge is too near; open space seems to want to devour them. A foot in the wrong place, a move at the wrong time and their balance will be lost, the dark emptiness ready to hold them tight. In the starry night, two men fall over the edge in a firm embrace.


Two hours before

Ianto Jones runs with fear pushing down on his back. He knows Owen is not far away, he can hear him yelling angry words. He doesn’t understand, everything seemed to be so perfect only a moment before, the world looks beautiful like he is seeing its beauty for the first time. He feels so alive, so free, like all his problems have gone away. For that intense moment the shadows didn’t want to cover him, the sadness didn’t put its cold fingers around his neck. Now, he’s scared, he’s not certain about anything, he has the cruel thought that his teammates want to kill him. So he runs. Suddenly, strong arms stop him and he moves against a body. Jack

“Shhhh, it’s all right Ianto, I’m here now!”

“Jack? How?”

“I came back from London after you called me, I saw you on the CCTV….”

Ianto feels alive again, his face burying into the Captain’s coat as he smells the intense scent of his secret lover. The world is brilliant again; his wings are strong and fabulous on his back. But Owen’s voice breaks through into his ears and a moment after a hard impact throws him down to the ground. His body hurts; he feels blood on his face and sees Owen’s punch coming faster. Then, he hears Jack’s screams and the attack stops. Ianto feels the fear hold him and all he wants is to run away. He notices the emergency stairs in the corner, stands up and sprints. He doesn’t care about what is happening behind him, he realizes that the stairs is the only way to get the roof, to be close to the sky and to fly.


One hour and thirty minutes later

Jack feels like his body his broken, the emptiness is everywhere around him, his tears spilt down his cheeks. The pain is cruelly intense. He doesn’t understand. How I was able to drop him? The anger makes him crazy; he punches the ground furiously with his hands, searching for a way to transfer the pain. Blood covers his knuckles. Its like a dream, he can see the blood, but he doesn’t feel anything. The scream that escapes his mouth sounds like an animal’s moan. When his sob finally calms down, he hears a soft groan beside him. He can’t believe what he sees, his breath stopping for a moment.


Delicately, in fear that it is all a painful dream, he takes the unconscious young man in his arms. His hand caresses his face; his mouth kisses his lips to be certain that they are alive. He doesn’t understand, the sphere isn’t supposed to have an effect on him. But he’s alive, he didn’t fall….




Cardiff is a big city. The nights are never totally dark; the lights are everywhere, like a brilliant presence that comforts the little kids in their beds. But tonight, the lights don’t seem to protect the two men who are falling. They are wrapped around each other, grasping frantically at each other’s bodies. They do not fly, they tumble towards death together. But suddenly, a powerful light covers them both and they fall slower.



 Chapter six


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