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Title: Old memories…. New souvenirs 
Pairing: Jack/Ianto 
Rating: G
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: No, I don't know them

Warning: angsty fluff (is it possible?)
Summary:  A rainning day......
Notes:  Ok, soooo  its the first time I updated since the famous mod's update. I have to admit I'm a little bit afraid, but I want to believe in this comm.  This is  a little, really little fic. I was bored...... and that's was happened. Hope you will enjoy and comments are always precious. Hope everybody has a great saturday ;)
Beta: The gorgeous and delicious just_being_me08

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Old memories…. New souvenirs


The raindrops slowly fall down the window, like a desperate act of mercy to end their lives. Outside, the furious force of the nature screams and laughs into the face of a few walkers, like  it wants to reveal who is the strongest. Inside, Jazz music plays loudly, covering the sound of the storm. The smell of spicy meat dances in the air. On the table an open bottle of red wine stand proudly. Two glasses are beside it, one is still empty. A man waits, he smiles, a fire burns inside him. His lover will arrive soon. Love..... So delicate word for such a powerful feeling, for such a heartbreaking bitch, for another reason to live. Ianto Jones closes his eyes; he wants to believe in this happiness. 


“Ianto! Its smell so good! I didn’t know you could cook!”

“Well, to be honest I didn’t know I could either....”

Laugh explodes into the air like a soft melody.

“I love you Ianto Jones.....”

“I love you too Lisa Halett...”


Ianto shivers, this particular ghost of his past will never leave him alone. The noise of footsteps echoes outside. The door opens and the man he loves stands in front of him. Jack......


“Ianto! Its smell so good! I didn’t know that you could cook!”

“Well, I’m a resourceful man sir.....”

“Ohhh, I bet you are....”


Strong arms embrace him and Ianto Jones feels like the world explodes around him. His lover’s lips caress his mouth and it’s like he’s been waiting all his life for this moment. Ianto Jones doesn’t care anymore, the past is dead and these new souvenirs make him feel alive.


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