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Title: You're falling Ianto Jones, takes my hand - Prologue (1/?)
Pairing: Jack/Ianto 
Rating: NC-17, dark, angst

Spoilers: not really, somewhere in season 2
Summary: Torchwood always save the day, but maybe not this times...
Notes:  Ok, this is not a christmas tales, this prompt didn't want to leave me alone, so I wrote it.And no I'm not insane, I'm only a teach.
Beta: the fabulous, brilliant, amazing and so talented,

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You’re falling Ianto Jones, take my hand...


It is a wonderful day in Cardiff, a beautiful sunny day. The children are playing in the park, women are all smiling in the fresh early spring, men laughing loud and flirt with them. The sky is blue and the soft clouds float like young sheep jumping around. Cardiff is a great place to live, everything is well, no danger lurking in dark alleys, no monsters sleeping under any beds, no worries playing out above of their heads. Yes, the population is safe and happy because the Torchwood team are there for them, Torchwood always saves the day. It’s like a fairy tale, a fabulous and magic world where no witches want to kill any child, no ogres want to take any young women, and no aliens want to eat any men. Definitively, is it an amazing day in Cardiff. A stranger can walk around and be certain that nothing bad will happen. But, if they paid attention they could hear a weak and painful cry whispered behind the dark alleys, inside the ruined buildings, trapped in a small and dirty rooms. If the children stop laughing for a moment, they would sense the sadness and the despair as a person lies rocking in pain on the cold floor. Certainly, that if a couple stopped kissing they could see the Torchwood team run nervously and hopelessly to find their teammates. But, nobody ever pays attention, because it is a wonderful day in Cardiff, a beautiful sunny day. The children are playing in the park, women are all smiling in the fresh early spring, the men laughing loud and flirt with them. Nothing ever happens in Cardiff, Torchwood take care of them all.  

“Ianto, please, stop. It’s not too late.” Says Jack talking into his mobile, trying not to scream.

“Jack, you are so stupid. I knew you would react like this for her, for your brilliant and so amazing Gwen. She’s like a broken doll now.” Answers Ianto in a happier tone.

“If you kill her Ianto, I will... I will ki...” Whispered Jack coldly

“What Jack? You want to kill me? Which one will you choose in the end Jack? Your love or your passion?” The other man asks dryly.

“Ianto, please, you aren’t yourself, I know you, and you’re not like this.” Jack begs softly, not sure of anything anymore, especially this deadly game.

“You don’t know me you bastard, never even think that you understand. Hear her last sigh, hear her die...” Ianto replies in a deep and angry voice.

On this fabulous day in Cardiff, a loud gun shot breaks through the air, a man screams into his mobile, two teammates take each other hands desperately and somewhere, in a small room a woman lies there, sleeping as a blood blanket warms her. By her side, a man kneels, crying loudly and repeating his words like a mantra: “I’m so sorry, so sorry, so sorry...”

Ianto Jones is a monster and Jack promises to stop him.

Note 2: Hope you liked it, comments are always welcome, any kind of comments ;)

Part one


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