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Title:Ianto Jones drowns
Pairing: Jack/Ianto, team 
Rating: angst
Spoilers: Not really, somewhere in season two
: No, I don't know them
Warning:  mention of drowns
Summary: the title told it
Notes: Humm, I was in a bad mood this week, my students was monsters and I really felt like I drowned..... so this is the result, hope you gonna like it.......  Like always, comment are really, really appreciated ;)
Beta:  The fabulous and so talented

master list

Ianto Jones drowns.....


His lungs hurt, like a fire is burning inside them.  The darkness is everywhere, he feels like he’s a rag doll being swayed by giant hands. He can’t breathe; if he does the water will enter him and slowly kill him. The currents move him up and down, smashing him against the rocks. His body is just a pantomime in this angry force of nature. It hurts, it hurts so much, he wants to breathe, but he can’t. Jack… He doesn’t know what is the most painful, to know he will die soon or to not have the chance to see him before the end. Ianto Jones doesn’t want to die, but it’s too late. Once, he heard someone say that to drown is a better way to die, because in the end you feel like you’re flying. But for now, Ianto Jones just feels the anger and the rage that’s exploding inside him. He just wants to scream.


“Jack, what are you doing?”

“Umm?..... I’m kissing you Ianto Jones..... and it’s a pure pleasure to taste your perfect skin....”

“I know you’re kissing me, but Jack, we are at a crime scene. We’re investigating, don’t you remember?”

“Oh yes, but action, suspense and crime have always excited me..... you’re such a gorgeous young man....”

“Jack!!!!! The others will come back soon!!!”

“Exactly so I should take you right now fast and hard.....”


“Ohh, I know how much you love this....”


His laugh resonates in his mind like a distant dream. He was so happy, this shag was so hot, so intense, he had felt so alive. He’s suffocating, he doesn’t know anymore where the sky is. The current pushes him hard against the rocks, this time his head takes the shock and sparkles dance in front of him. That reminds him of the flickers of the fire camp when he went camping with his parents, during his childhood. He can almost feel the fire’s warmth on his face.


“Tad, what are the stars?”

“They are balls of fire, far away in space.”

“Who lit them?”

“Some legends tell that they are candles of God, to comfort us when we are afraid of the darkness....”

“Oh! Like the light mum puts on my room when I go to sleep?”

“Kind of my son.... To remind you that  we will always be there to protect you.”

“I love you tad....”

“Love too son.”

“I’ll love you forever my little boy....”

“I love you more mum!!!!”


In his frozen prison, Ianto can almost feel his mum’s arms around him, he can see her beautiful smile. He wants to scream, he doesn’t want the darkness to bring him into a world where the fires no longer burn. He’s furious, about himself to have not been vigilant enough in the hunt, furious about the alien that took him by surprise and pushed him down into the chasm. At least, Tosh had stayed on the edge, the alien falling with him, he knows that it died at the moment it touched the waves. He almost laughs, it’s so pathetic, this morning he told Jack that he loved him. The kiss was so tender, so good. He knew at that moment that his Captain loved him passionately. He was so happy and now cruel destiny made the decision that all this happiness was an illusion, the play is over, and the curtains are down, the act ends. He needs to breathe, he knows it’s insane, but his body doesn’t obey anymore. He opens his mouth and takes a breath, even when he knows it will be his last one. 


“So, when they arrived I was naked and saw the two dressed up queens next to me and all I found to say was: can somebody tell me where the exit is?”

“Jack! What did the soldiers do?”

“Well, Gwen, you know how seductive am I, so I just grinned and they helped me to find my clothes and let me go.”

“Ok, but what our captain didn’t mention is that the soldiers were all women and they had drunk a love potion just before....”

“Owen, that’s a little detail....”

“Oh, no, it’s a big one sir.”


The team’s giggles echo around him. It’s like they are here with him, like they give him the only thing he deserves at the end: a last piece of happiness. The water fills his lungs, his body shakes furiously in the enraged currents, Ianto Jones surrenders. They are wrong, dying by drowning is not like flying, its like he’s exploding inside, and it’s atrociously painful. His mind runs away, he has the feeling that he’s not in the water anymore, like strong hands bring him up towards the sun, like familiar lips kiss him. Jack..... Spasms shake his body; the water seeming to exit his lungs.  Like a dream, he hears Jack voice begging him to open his eyes, to come back to him. Owen voice roams around too. Is this what it is like to die? You hear voices at the very end?

“He’s gonna be fine Jack..... Just give him time to come back.... He will survive...”


The end



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