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Some days its hard to be a teach....

I'm presently at my brother's house. My brother is gay and has a boyfriend. Its not a big deal, he's my brother and he's in love, Its just natural.
I'm a teach at the high school.  Last week I did a activity with my students (they are teens between 14 and 16 years old). I told them they are a prime minister in a new country and they have to choose in the Rights and Liberties  we have here in Canada, five rights and Liberties to give at the population. And they have to explain why they choose this.

The majority did well (well its a big world... but some did a great work...)

But some did a very shit works and named their new country Homophobia land....  and they drew a flag with X and two people hang on hands .... like gay people.....   That make me sad.....  My brother saw this because we do correction together  (he's a teach too) and asked me what I gonna do with that.....   What can I say???  Yes, they will have consequence, they will have to do the work again in lunch times at school.... But I'm angry, why this had happened ? What I supposed to say : OK students, homophobia its wrong, really wrong! I said that before and always will say... but do this will do something in their minds????

Its hard some times to be a teach, a sister and a good person. I don't know if my mind its clear, I just wanted to tell people....

Take care

Big hug et gros calins



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