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Title: Just
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: G
Word count:  126 words

Spoilers: hummm, early in season two......
Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or any of the characters

Warning: fluff
Summary:  Ianto thoughts Jack.....
Beta:  frakkin_addict
Notes: a litte fic, a drabble just for the fun to play with the words. This is for you frakkin_addict, because you truly believe in me. *hugs*


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Feb. 14th, 2009 03:56 pm
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Pairing: Jack/Ianto 
Rating: Fluff
Spoilers: Not really, somewhere in season two
: No, I don't know them
Warning:  pure fluff
Summary: A violin on the quay
Notes: Its a pure fluffy fic and is for everyone who need and/or have love!!!!! Enjoy my friends (dedicated to Sian!!!!)
Beta:  The fabulous and so talented

master list




The music echoed around the place. Its morning, the place is almost empty, at this early hour no tourist walk through the quay. One man stands alone with a violin in his hands. His fingers play like a strong caress on his instrument. His eyes are closed, his clothes are dirty, and in front of him a violin case is open like a shy child who begs for money. Some pedestrians look at him furtively and toss in a few coins. Nobody stops to listen to the music. Then, the musician plays Bach’s Chaconne the most difficult and yet so beautiful a lyric to play. The music dances around him, like a part of heaven softly falls upon this particular moment in Cardiff’s quays. A pedestrian slows his steps, looking at the musician as his heart beat explodes. He feels as if he is being taken far away from this place, his mind is clear, his worries melt away. The stranger smiles, the musician is now playing for him, and only him. The violin cries softly, a wave of happiness takes the listener and he feels like he has never felt this emotion before. Ianto Jones is on the edge, his fingers grasping the cup of coffee he has in his hand tightly. The violinist plays Shubert’s Ave Maria and Ianto Jones knows he’s lost, but he doesn’t care. Tears fall on his cheeks, a fire burns inside him. The violin’s notes rock him, like a mother sings to her child’s ear to comfort him. In this early hour in Cardiff’s plass, a ball envelopes two perfect strangers, time stops. Fingers press against his hand and Ianto realizes that someone is beside him. Jack….

“Pure beauty is an ephemeral moment…. but with you Ianto Jones it is like an eternity…”

“I love you Jack Harkness….”

“Forever my love….”


Love is the most beautiful thing ;)


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