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Title: You're falling Ianto Jones, take my hand -  Epilogue
: Jack/Ianto 
NC-17, dark, angst
: Not really, somewhere in season 2
: No, I don't know them
: Torchwood always save the day, but maybe not this times...
Summary chapter:
Ianto is falling….
Notes:  Ok, this is not a Christmas tales, this prompt didn't want to leave me alone, so I wrote it. And no I'm not insane, I'm only a teach. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!
Beta: The fabulous and so talented:

So, this is the end. Thank you so much to everyone who read and comment. I wish you a happy, fabulous and creative New Year !!!!! Big hugs !!!





You’re falling Ianto Jones, take my hand




Asleep, The Smiths

Sing me to sleep
Sing me to sleep
I don't want to wake up
On my own anymore
Sing to me
Sing to me
I don't want to wake up
On my own anymore
Don't feel bad for me



The darkness, it's everywhere, like he’s fallen into a deep hole. The cold air, all around him, like an invisible hand caressing the back of his neck. Ianto Jones walks alone in a place he doesn’t recognize.

“My little boy, what are you doing here? Whispers a warmth voice behind him.


“I’m here baby, I’m here…”
“Mum, what is this place?”                                                                               

“It’s where you go when you are dying…”

“I’m dying? … Mum... It all feels wrong….”
“I know baby…”

The woman takes him into her arms and Ianto feels like nothing else matters. She sings to him softly, for the little boy she left all too soon, for the son she did not cradle enough, for all the times she wasn't there to chase away the nightmares.

“You’re not supposed to be here…” Says the woman as she caresses Ianto’s hair.

“I did some awful things… I’m a bad person, I’m a monster…” Ianto whispered his voice shaky.

“No, don’t say that. It isn’t true, it really isn’t. You’re just my boy lost in the big world…”Says the woman, before taking Ianto’s face in her hands.

“There was a man, he ordered me to do all those horrible things … and I did it… There was a part of me that loved it…” Confesses Ianto with his eyes closed.

“The man is dead… He disappeared when you killed yourself, you were the link between him and reality… You severed that link, you saved the day my beautiful son…” Says the woman proudly.

“Mum, I don’t want to die…”

“Then wake up Ianto…”

“I don’t know how…”

“You know my son, you know…”

Suddenly the protective arms are not there anymore. He’s alone in the cold darkness. He’s falling and the sensation comes over him as a wave; the feeling of falling apart terrifies him. Ianto Jones screams, but there is no one there to listen.


Six hours before

It’s a cold in the blank white room. It’s not a place where you can hear joyous exclamations and laughter. It’s a room where time looks to have stopped, where sadness and despair grasp gradually at a person’s throat. In this room a woman looks to be sleeping, whilst a man cries softly at her side.

“Please Gwen, don’t leave me alone… Wake up my love… I’m here now…”

But the woman doesn’t reacts. She simply stays there in the silence.

“I need you babe… You know the meeting I have next week? Well, I know you said don’t go shopping alone, but I went and…Gwen, I’m not good with colour you know that. I bought this awful yellow shirt; the shop assistant told me it looked great… But, when I returned home...”

A profound sigh interrupts his monologue. In an instant, the woman wakes up.

“Gwen? Ah! Gwen!”

“Rhys… I told you… never going shopping… alone…”

“I swear my love! Never ever again!”

In this cold and white room, lovers embrace each other. The man caresses the woman’s hair and makes the promise he will always be in her side through all the darkness. And she believes him, she’s knows the monster is gone now, she’s no longer afraid. .


Eight hours after

In another room, another game is playing out. However, this time, the man who lies there doesn’t wake up; instead he falls slowly into death’s cold arms. His lover is by his side, he can’t do anything to help and so he just has to wait. He closes his eyes, kisses  his young lover’s lips and whispers encouraging words into his ears. Deep inside him, he knows the game is never over. Ianto is not alone, he’s there for him.


Ianto is falling, he’s dying.



“Ianto come back to me.”

“Jack! Help me!”

“You’re falling Ianto Jones, take my hand…”

In front of him, a big and strong hand appears in the darkness, and without hesitation Ianto Jones catches it furiously. The falling stops, the darkness disappears as raging river brings him into the light.


In this cold room something changes, a sparkle of hope passes across Jack’s eyes. Ianto squeezes his hand.



“Ianto wake up.”

“I can’t!”

“Ianto open your eyes, just do it for me…”

He opens his eyes, but the light hurts him. A hand touches his face, lips kiss his mouth, and suddenly he feels so alive.

“Welcome back Ianto Jones.”

Ianto smiles in return, he’s too weak to speak. Strong arms embrace him. He’s safe now.




It is a wonderful day in Cardiff, a beautiful sunny day. The children are playing in the park, women are all smiling in the fresh early spring, men are laughing loudly and flirting with them. Cardiff is a wonderful place to live. The population are safe; because Torchwood is there to protect them. No matter, what the price to pay is, the monsters will always be punished.





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Title: You're falling Ianto Jones, take my hand - Part 5/5 +Epilogue
: Jack/Ianto 
NC-17, dark, angst
Spoilers: Not really, somewhere in season 2
: No, I don't know them
Summary: Torchwood always save the day, but maybe not this times...
Summary chapter: The end of the game…
Notes:  Ok, this is not a Christmas tales, this prompt didn't want to leave me alone, so I wrote it. And no I'm not insane, I'm only a teach.


Beta: The fabulous, brilliant, amazing and so talented [info]just_being_me08    

Prologue   Part one   Part two   Part three      Part four 

Youre falling Ianto Jones, take my hand


Part five


24 hours before


“Oh, you know how much I love to hear you scream like this Ianto”

“It’s not the time or the place sir…”

“Nobody is looking…”

“We are still in a grocery store!”

“Well, it’s not really a standard grocery store… What’s that anyway? Ginkgo Biloba… It sounds like some alien sex toy… Oh! Did I ever tell you about this little gadget they have on this planet where everybody is naked? I was with this adorable creature and….”

“Jack! It’s a natural herbal food supplement and we are here for Tosh, she always buys her dark tea from here. And yes you have definitely told me this story before.”

“Oh! And did I ever told you how much I love to squeeze your sexy back when you are holding me and I can smell your hot essence? In fact do you know what I’m thinking right now? Maybe we can go back into the store and…”

“Sorry sirs, but can I help you with anything?”

“Yes mam, I’m not certain if this product is the best choice for me. I have trouble with my stomach and if…”

Ianto looks at his boss with a smile whilst he has a conversation with the employee about the  many benefits of a stable diet. Jack always knows how to react, he’s never destabilized. He loves the way he flirts with him in public, how he makes him feel gorgeous, feel unique. He always wished that he was special and Jack Harkness makes him believe in that now. Ianto Jones is a happy person, he’s in love.


24 hours after

Ianto Jones has a gun. Two men stand in front of him. One is his lover, the other is his master. Ianto Jones has a choice to make and he doesn’t know what to do.

“Kill him! That’s an order!” Yells the man in black with frustration in his voice.

“Ianto, don’t… I know you’re not like this…” Says Jack in soft voice.

“Argh… You make me sick. You don’t know him, you don’t love him. You shag him yes, but you think about her when you are in his arms. Hours before you wanted to kill him, you condemned him to hell. No, it’s too late captain, he’s my toy now…” Declares the man triumphantly.

Ianto Jones doesn’t move, he’s like a porcelain doll exposed in an antique dealer store. This vision of a perfect and sinister antique toy terrifies Jack, makes him even more afraid at being a pawn in this cruel game.  

“No.” Whispers Ianto.

“What? It’s not fair! You have to obey me! You’re mine!” Shouts the man pounding the floor with his foot like a spoilt child.

Then, slowly Ianto’s arm raises and the gun is pointed to his own temple. His face is impassible, no emotion is even visible.

“I’m sorry sir,  but the game is over… I love you Jack…” Says Ianto looking into lover’s eyes.

“Nooooo!” Shout both men in front of him in the same instant.

When the sound of the gunshot breaks through the air, two bodies collapse to the ground. Ianto Jones looks as if he is smiling in the middle of the growing pool of blood. Beside him, a man with a perfect black suit lies there. But, something wrong, his body is flat, like an empty puppet.

In an old and empty theater a play is over. The curtains go down. Three men are on the stage. Only one is alive.

“Everything is gonna be all right… Everything is gonna be all right…”Repeats Jack like a promise, rocking Ianto’s body in his arms.


Six hours after

“He still in the coma. The medics don’t know what to say. He has no injuries, no sign of any gunshot. Jack, he just sleeps, but he doesn’t react. I’m so sorry…” Says Owen in a serious voice.

“He will wake up, he will…” Answers Jack calmly, his arms crossed over his torso, standing beside the hospital bed.

In a white room a member of Torchwood team stands in front of his teammate. A new game begins and there is only one player. Six hours ago, in another white room, another member of the team woke up with merely a profound sigh.



Note: Ok, so thank you so much to all of you to read this and appreciated this. It was a lot of fun to write. Comments are always welcome and the epilogue will fellow soon. ;)
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Title: You're falling Ianto Jones, take my hand - Part 4/5 +Epilogue
: Jack/Ianto 
NC-17, dark, angst
Spoilers: Not really, somewhere in season 2
: No, I don't know them
Summary: Torchwood always save the day, but maybe not this times...
Summary chapter: The puppet master wants to play a new game…
Notes:  Ok, this is not a Christmas tales, this prompt didn't want to leave me alone, so I wrote it. And no I'm not insane, I'm only a teach.


Beta: The fabulous, brilliant, amazing and so talented [info]just_being_me08


Prologue  part one   part two    part three

You’re falling Ianto Jones, take my hand


Part four

A woman lies in a white bed. Beside her a man holds her hand softly, whispering soft words into her ear. He smiles to stop himself falling apart, his lover lying there in front of him, hovering between life and death.

“I don’t understand what happened…I will kill him. Ianto Jones is a dead man… I swear…” Declares Rhys angrily.

“Don’t Rhys, he wasn’t himself, and he wasn’t our Ianto. Something happened….I know him, he could never hurt his friends....” Says Tosh nervously, tears stinging in her eyes.

“Tell me what happened…I want to know what he did to her. Where was the famous captain Jack Harkness? Why he didn’t protect her? Why didn’t he save her?” Asks Rhys with a cold voice, looking at them furiously.

“We were weevil hunting. Gwen and Ianto were together inside an abandoned building. It was just an ordinary day. Then, Ianto asks for help, he said they were in danger. Jack was the first to go. I swear Rhys, Ianto isn’t himself, when Tosh and I found them; he shoved Tosh aside and tried to strangle me. He kidnapped Gwen and for hours we didn’t know where they were.” Says Owen without a looking at Rhys.

“But he tortured her, he shot her! How could he do that? She suffered for hours; I bet she begged him to stop, for it all to stop. My strong and beautiful Gwen crying alone with that monster…” Murmurs Rhys in anger.

In an instant Rhys stands up and pushes Owen to the wall beside them, his hands on his shoulders pushing him against the plaster.

“How could he do that? How could you let him do that?” Shouts Rhys into Owen’s face.

A hand rests on his shoulder, eyes looking softly at him. Then, he relaxes, Toshiko comforting him just by her definitive calm. He knows deep down inside, that they had done everything they could to save their teammate. His lover is safe in this hospital room. He’s with her, and everything will be all right. He will protect her. But, if only a part of the Torchwood team is secure now, somewhere in Cardiff another deadly game is just beginning.


Ianto’s body lies on the ground like dislocated puppet. Jack is by his side, fixed into a static position, standing as still as a statue. They are on a stage in an old and empty theater. Slowly the curtains go up, and the show can finally begin. Ianto’s eyes open, he stands up, but his body is leaning forward. With a series of jerky movements he stands completely. His visage is painted in white with red circles on the cheeks, exactly like an old wax doll, a fake smile smeared across the pale skin. Suddenly, a waltz melody plays out into the air. Ianto walks roughly forward to Jack and pulls him into an insane dance. Two bodies dance around on the stage, following the music’s cadence perfectly.

“Bravo! You are fabulous! Do you appreciate my new game Captain Jack Harkness?” Asks a loud voice in the parterre.

“Please Ianto, come back for me, stop…..” Pleads Jack to the impassive face of his lover.

“Oh, captain, you are so funny! Do you think that this is a fairy tale? He’s my toy now, not yours anymore!” Shouts the voice again.

The music plays faster, the dancers moving around more rapidly like leaves in the fierce wind.

“Ianto….” Whispers Jack.

A hysteric laugh resonates around the place and the music ends. The dancers stop moving, freezing in their tracks.

“Do you want to play captain?” Asks the man happily.

In Ianto’s hand a gun suddenly appears. Swiftly, his arm raises and points the gun at Jack. The man claps his hands in pleasure, a splendid smile spreading across his face as he anticipates the shot. But something is wrong, Ianto hesitates, the shot doesn’t sound.

“Do it my beautiful! Kill him!” Orders the man joyfully.

But Ianto doesn’t move, no emotion visible on his face. In an old and empty theater three men stand in the middle of a stage. Only one holds a gun.

Part five
Note 2: Ok,  this series is complete now. I had so much fun to write this and thank you very much for all the great comments you wrote. I have to return to work very soon with my real littles monsters (yup, working with teens.....) I hope you will enjoy the rest like you enjoyed the beginning.



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Title: You're falling Ianto Jones, take my hand - Part  3/?
: Jack/Ianto 
NC-17, dark, angst
Spoilers: Not really, somewhere in season 2
: No, I don't know them
Summary: Torchwood always save the day, but maybe not this times...
Summary chapter: In which way Jack know what happens to Ianto
Notes:  Ok, this is not a Christmas tales, this prompt didn't want to leave me alone, so I wrote it. And no I'm not insane, I'm only a teach.
Beta: The fabulous, brilliant, amazing and so talented [info]just_being_me08

Prologue     part one    part two

You’re falling Ianto Jones, take my hand...

Part three

Jack Harkness wakes up with a profound moan. He is lying on the cold ground, surrounded by the darkness. There is a brief clap of hands along side a man’s laugh and the lights suddenly illuminate the room.

“Well done! I’m impressed, that was a brilliant performance!” Yells a tall man in front of him.

The man wears classic black suit, like he is presiding over a ceremony, Ianto standing by his side, a smile across his face, no longer injured. All around them, toys are spread across the floor, as if they are in a spoilt child’s room. Jack turns his head to glance around, eyeing the wax dolls, olds puppets, automatic clowns and rag dolls that are everywhere, looking at him.

“Who are you?” Asks Jack in hoarse voice.

“I am the puppet master.” Answers the man smiling in all his prestige.

“No offense, but it sounds like nothing to be afraid of.” Replies Jack with amusement, trying to stand up, pain written across his face.

“Captain, my beautiful Ianto was right, you are truly amazing for your kind! Perfect” Answers  the man with a cold glance before kissing Ianto so passionately.

The view of Ianto being kissed by this man gives Jack an unfamiliar feeling of nausea, an icy wave passing over him. He feels dirty, a mix of anger and sadness building insidiously inside him. This is a nightmare. I will wake up soon in Ianto’s arms; I will wake up soon, thinks Jack without really believing any of it.

“What have you done to him?! He’s not himself; the Ianto I know could never have done this to anyone, to his teammates.” Shouts Jack drily looking directly into Ianto’s cold and indifferent eyes.

“I gave him a choice. I spoke to his other side, the dark and powerful side that awoke at Canary Wharf, but which he refused to give life to. I have given him the right to live and a reason to be free.” Declares the man proudly, caresses Ianto’s face softly.

Then, in an instant the dolls, the puppets, all of the toys move slowly towards Ianto to be by his side, to almost cover him completely. Jack stares at the scene in horror, feeling the ground open under his feet, like he can’t breathe. He tries to scream his name, but just a primal groan escapes his lips. In the room, like thunder, the man’s laugh echoes everywhere.


12 hours before

“Ianto? Gwen? Where are you?!” Asks Jacks nervously into the comm. unit, running into the now dark alley.

Nobody answers him, a sudden and brutal panic sensation beginning to devour him inside. The door opens with a crash, as he enters the place without hesitation, knowing something is wrong. His team is in serious trouble.

“Jack, we put the weevils into the SUV, they will sleep for hours. Tosh and I are in the other side of the building. We will find them.” Says Owen with a trusting voice.

“Tosh, Owen, stick together, that’s an order. Never break communication. Be safe.” Orders Jack firmly.

As soon as he takes the next corridor, Ianto is standing in front him. His head is leaning forward, arms hanging at his side, face so pale.

“Ianto, are you all right? Where’s Gwen?” Asks Jack holding him tightly.

“It’s always her, it’s always been her. I’m a big idiot! I believed all your lies….. sir.” Whispers Ianto into Jack’s ear.

“What? What’s do you mean? What’s happening??” Asks Jack, so unsure about what is going on.

“Sir, I swear, a part of me loved you, but I killed it. I’m sorry Jack, the game…… it’s over.” Replies Ianto.

They face each other for a moment; their bodies close for a last dance, as if time has stopped. Tenderly, Ianto reaches up and kisses Jack’s lips, his hand caressing his neck.

“Jack, forgive me...” Begs Ianto as he knocks Jack’s head violently against the wall behind them.

Ianto Jones walks on through the corridors of this old and abandoned building. Behind him his lost lover lies motionless on the floor, but he doesn’t care anymore. A new desire burns inside him. Ianto wants to have fun and Gwen is the perfect victim.


12 hours after

“I don’t understand.... Why him?...” Asks Jack unable to tear his gaze from Ianto.

“Well, he was so young, so beautiful. I found so much anger, distress and suffering deep inside him, he was perfect. I just had to push him that little bit and he did the rest himself. Then, I saw you, felt you inside him. Oh, what a wonderful sensation...... and I saw her, Gwen, felt the jealousy.... it gave me all the power I needed! I knew that I had found new toys to play with! Captain, he did so well with her! And how he handled the others…..truly amazing!” Declares the man, eyes sparkling like a child.

“And why am I here?” Asks Jack, never breaking eye contact with Ianto who now looks at him with confused eyes.

“Why? Oh, captain, you are the most incredible doll I ever had! I have to repair all my other toys, but you, you are indestructible! All the games I can play thanks to you! So of course, I order my beautiful new toy to bring you here to me. ” Says the man with a joyous voice.

Beside the man, Ianto stands alone in the middle of the toys which begin to move in a sinister way around him. Something changes in his face, his smile falls. Increasingly, terror replaces the cold happiness he had before. His eyes locks onto Jack’s.

 “Jack... Help me....” Squeals Ianto with a broken voice, like a lost boy, looking right into Jack’s eyes.

“No! You are my toy now, you will listen to me!” Shouts the man angrily.

From nowhere, children’s music plays out into the room, Ianto collapsing to the ground like a puppet that has had his strings cut. Jack’s scream break the air.


Part four

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Title: You're falling Ianto Jones, takes my hand - Part  2/?
Pairing: Jack/Ianto 
Rating: NC-17, dark, angst

Spoilers: not really, somewhere in season 2
Disclaimer: No, I don't know them
Torchwood always save the day, but maybe not this times...
Notes:  Ok, this is not a christmas tales, this prompt didn't want to leave me alone, so I wrote it.And no I'm not insane, I'm only a teach.
Beta: the fabulous, brilliant, amazing and so talented[info]just_being_me08




You’re falling Ianto Jones, take my hand...

Part two

Ianto Jones runs, for his life, for the redemption he knows he never will have. The pain is everywhere, like his body is an open wound. He can feel his pursuer’s warm and halting breath bruise the back of his neck, Jack Harkness will catch him. Ianto knows that he wants to stop him, to hurt him, to kill him. So he runs as fast as he can, he doesn’t want to die. He has to reach this building, this door in front of him, just a few meters more and he will be safe.  But at the very moment the door opens, strong hands grab his shoulders and push him brutally to the ground. Two bodies roll over, locked in a macabre dance.

“Why?” Jack whispers, his fingers creeping nervously around Ianto’s neck.

“Oh captain, my captain, you don’t love me anymore?” Replies Ianto, a thick amusement within his voice.

“Ianto please, don’t make me hate you... Don’t make me kill you...” Jack asks, clutching at Ianto’s hair as he knocks his head violently against the floor.

The pain, it’s everywhere, like his body is an open wound. Ianto Jones is dying, his boss, his friend, his lover, murdering him.


12 hours before

“No, it wasn’t like that. I knew it was an alien!” Owen tries to explain.

“Oh, of course Owen, we believe you. What we don’t understand is why you asked it for a drink after work.” Gwen says with a smile, standing by his side.

“It’s was just for the investigation, I’m a professional.” Replies Owen seriously.

“Is that why I have to call you almost every morning to be sure you’re awake?” Asks Toshiko without looking at him, concentrating hard on her computer screen within SUV’s bonnet.

“Yup, your professionalism takes my breath away.” Says Ianto calmly, Gwen’s laugh explode in the air.  

“Ok kids, fun’s over. We have weevils to catch. Tosh, How many are they?” Jack asks firmly, interrupting their banter.

“Two in this alley and one in the building.” Answers Toshiko looking right into Jack’s eyes.

“Gwen, Ianto you take the building. Stick together, alright? Tosh and Owen, you’re with me.” Jack orders striding off towards the alley.

Gwen and Ianto looks each other for a moment, before nodding and moving to open the dirty building’s doors. It’s a vast and abandoned edifice, an old shopping center. Boxes, cases, disparate furniture are all over the place, a lurid dust covering everything. A feeble late sun’s light crosses over the broken windows.

“Creepy...” Says Ianto with a slight smile.

“Brrr, I hate this kind of place, it’s always scares me like I’m a little girl again.” Replies Gwen taking a torch light and her gun.

“Don’t worry, I’m here with you.” Assures Ianto, as his fingers tighten around his gun.

“I know you will always protect me.” Says Gwen with a smile in her voice.

“I try my best.” Replies Ianto seriously.

All of a sudden, a growling pierces the air and Gwen runs quickly to where the noise is coming from. Ianto, at first, doesn’t realise that Gwen is not at his side anymore. He shouts her name trying to stop her, but she’s so far away that he isn’t capable of catching her. A gunshot and a human scream comes from somewhere and his heart beat stops for a moment. Please, no, not Gwen, he thinks to himself nervously.

“Sir, we have trouble here.” Says Ianto with a grave voice into his comm. unit, running down the corridor.

“What’s happening? Where are you? Where’s Gwen?” Jack asks frantically, trying to restrict the panic in his voice.

“I... I was with her….. but then we heard a growl and she ran. I’m sorry sir, I lost her...” Confesses Ianto gravely.

“Ianto, where are you exactly? I’m coming.” Says Jack.

Ianto looks around him, he doesn’t know where he is. The walls are different, no dust cover the ground, children’s music playing softly in the air. He is in an empty room. Then, he hears a giggle, before a pain pierces his head and he collapse to the ground.

“Ianto? Ianto?! Where are you? Gwen?! Can you hear me?!” Shouts Jack’s voice, but there is no one to answer him.


 12 hours after

Ianto head knocks violently against the concrete floor. The pain is everywhere. He’s exactly where he wanted to be. After all, he’s won.

“Jack, I’m sorry...” Whispers Ianto.

For a moment, a simple second, Jack sees real love in Ianto’s eyes. Then, a gunshot explodes, the world topples over and he’s falling through the darkness. Jack Harkness is dead.


English its not my first language, its very hard for me to write this but its really fun too, its a good style exercice for the writer in me.  Without my fabulous beta, I'm not sure this will be good, so thanks Si. Comments are always welcome and appreciated, if you like or dislike please take the times to explain why, it is possible. Have good times everyones and Joyeux temps des fêtes.
prologue    part one  part three

Dedicate to a fabulous and so talented young woman, Sian.  She's a good friend now and its her birthay today !!!!


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