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Happy father day!!!!!

I hope everyone has a awesome sunday. Here, its the father day, so I hope you all enjoy your day and love your dad!!!!!!!!!  *HUG*

Because I love mon papa, this is a place for sharing what our father is for us. Its could be a pleasure to read about your dad. Short or long, write what you want.

This is my dad:

Mon papa, he's like a big tree: yes he is very tall and strong. When I was young, I thought my dad was tall like a street lamp!!!!!!
Mon papa is funny, insane (he was a weird dad in the place when I was young, always had strange ideas for us and the kids around!!!) my dad always tell us (me and my two big brothers) that he loves us. He is always there for us, never judge, even when we did mystake.

My dad hadn't had love when he was a child, he traveled a lot and made the promise to himself that when he gonna has kids he will share love and always take care of them.

My dad worked hard all his life, we not been rich, but we had what we needed and never felt lost.

My dad is the person who always stand the outside light on at the house, because he knew his teens will arrive late or early morning. He was the one I called completly drunk in the middle of the night to take me up, because he said that he prefers to wake up in the middle of the night to pick us that to imagine us alone in the dark.

I can tell him everything, because my dad knows how to listen.

I am his only daughter, my dad think I am a princess (and even now I love it!!!)

I am pretty lucky to have my dad, he accept that one of my big brother is gay, even if he dont like it, he never show of my brother. When my other brother did a big depression he was the one who drove all the night to catch him somewhere in the city.

My dad is the one who I know he'll always there for me, he is my fan number one.

Papa je t'aime


(I hope to read you and take care !!!!!!!!)

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