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Hello dear gorgeous,

I have  a question for you. Gareth's band made another Sex Wales and arnachy shows and there is a competition short story. I am not certain I understand. They ask for competition to pay 5 £, but I dont understand why. Its something they ask in Europe for a competion? Weird.....

"Sex Wales and Anarchy Winning story read at SWA by Gareth David-Lloyd plus author receives ring-bound signed copy of their story and a goodie bag.

Entry fee: £5 per story (plus s.a.e. for return if required) Multiple entries permitted. Entries should not have been published.

Enclose a separate sheet with name, address, email address, telephone number, title of story and word count.

Word count: 8,000 words maximum

Spacing: 1.5 or double
Your story should be stapled and include the title and word count.
Your name should not appear in the main text of the story—entries will be judged anonymously.

Cheques payable to: Justine Jenkins. No entry form required. The judge’s decision is final.
Post entries to arrive after 1st January 2010 to: SWA SHORT STORY COMPETITION,
c/o Justine Jenkins, Cwmllwchwr Farm, Glynhir Road, Ammanford, Carms, SA18 2TB

Queries can be directed to Justine Jenkins, tel. 017971 501834 or email queries to

Closing Date 1st August 2010. Good Luck!
Please note that we reserve the right to feature, in full, the winning entries on our websites for one year following the competition, without additional payment. Copyright, of course, remains with the author."

Maybe I dont understand well.

More, I ask some question for buying an hoodie, from Blue Gillepsie band, and I have no answer. Is it me or its weird? I mean, you have a product, you want to sale it, but you give not a lot of info and more you dont reply... Maybe its me that not trust enough people. But I bought the album in download and I had problem... I am not certain I trust them again. Do you trust transaction on the web?

Anyway, if someone could answer me for the 5£ its could be great :)

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