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Title:  Blue Lizard  part 19 (WIP) 
Author: Morgia
Rating: Mature, Adult  AU (very adult subject, sex  m/m w/w m/w and torture)
Genre: AU Thriller
Summary:  Everybody has secrets, sometime they wait in the shadow the good moment for taking the revenge.........
Chapter summary:  Where Suzie and Ianto have the confrontation they waited for....
Pairings: Jack,/Ianto, team,Suzie, John Hart, OC, really different pairing, don't want to tell all the good suspence..... lol
Warnings: mature subject and bad words, mention of sex  thrace level three
Spoilers: no, its a AU series
Disclaimer:I don't own Torchwood or any of the characters.
Beta: the so awesome [ profile] thrace_adams  .
Note: This chapter is very dark. I have a hard difficulty to write it, not because of the words, but because it broke my heart. Bonne lecture. 
Previous chapters


Blue Lizard




Chapter nineteen


The man walks in the dark street. He knows he has no choice; there is no place for love in his life… There is no mercy for a man who sins Ianto Jones… The pain is not something new, but the cruel sensation of the emptiness he feels is and there’s nothing worse. I am sorry Jack… I love you so much, but you can’t save me… I don’t deserve your love… Ianto Jones is an exhausted man, his soul is old and tired, and being alive feels like damnation… He’s not recovered perfectly from the physical assaults of the Blue Lizard three weeks ago, but he’s strong enough to do what he has to do. Earlier, when he saw pure devotion and love in his lover’s eyes he knew he could drown in it and never feel the pain anymore…But it’s too late for me… The man walks the empty streets, it’s late and there is nobody around. Ianto Jones knows that this is the final act of this macabre comedy; He’ll kill or be killed.


The Hub

Jack Harkness wakes up in a jump: he knows something is wrong, he can feel cold hands grasping him inside. Ianto…His young lover is not beside him, he is alone. He tries to stand up and realizes he is cuffed to the bed: his left hand is squeezed into handcuffs. Panic blows up in his mind, like he’s suddenly fallen down a dark hole: IANTO DAMN IT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!  He tries desperately to free himself Why Ianto… Why… A storm flies into a fury inside him. Drops of pearls dance in his eyes, angry shivers shake him violently, he just wants to scream.


But it’s too late, his lost lover is gone now, Jack Harkness is alone with the cruel sensation of betrayal and the certain knowledge that he has failed.


One week before

Two desperate bodies in search of the other: love like there is nothing else that matters seems to die inside him… Mouths softly tasted, like juicy peaches ready to be devoured. Hands caressing the skin like it’s the first time: forgetting the pain and the world around especially  the cruelty of destiny. Because love is all… The man embraces his younger lover feverishly, he loves him so much that he has to shut his eyes against the blinding sight of his perfect beauty. Forever and ever my love…

“I love you Ianto Jones…”

A murmur like a caress.


Ianto Jones grasps his lover’s ass furiously in an effort to prove to him that he is really alive. When his lover moves more profoundly inside him, his body pressed against him, he stops suddenly to breathe: the world explodes in a furious light. A deep moan exits his lips and he embraces his lover body against him desperately. Jack…





Now in a old and abandoned building

The man knows she waits here. There has always been a silent code between them: whatever happened, they always find each other.

“Bonsoir Ianto Jones. Je savais que tu viendrais.”

Ianto Jones smiles coldly. If she’s using French it’s because she knows its their last night: She knows what French words represent for him. My glorious past…A now dead happiness …

“Bonsoir Suzie.”

They stare at each other in silence, there is no need to speak anymore, they know too well what they are and what they have done. Two lost souls damned in a cruel world that we have built in our own way…

“You killed her…”

“You came here to kill me…”

There is no anger in their voices. They know they will die. They know too well Blue Lizard, we are just pawns in their hands.

The woman walks toward him, caresses his cheek, smiles and kisses him. Softly he closes his eyes and kisses her in return. She presses her body against him, like her last offering, her last move to just feel alive for an eternity… He embraces her tightly, burying his face in her neck and taking in her scent one last time.

“It’s the end Suzie…”

“I know Ianto. Are you ready to fight?”


They lose themselves one last time in each other’s eyes.

“I loved you Ianto Jones.”

“You were a precious part of me Suzie Costello. It was a great honour to fight beside you.”

She nods silently with her head. They understand each other. She draws a long knife out of her coat, he does the same. The last game begins.



In the Hub

Jack Harkness is furious. Now free, he walks around the place like a caged animal.


With these words he hits the desk hard with his fist. He knows his young lover cuffed him to give himself enough time to run away. The man feels pain inside, he feels empty. I made a promise Ianto Jones, I’ll save you, even if it’s from yourself. The man sighs tiredly, takes his coat and exits the place. He knows the only man who can help him; John you are my only hope…



In an old and abandoned building

Two mercenary soldiers fight for their lives. In the empty place, only their jerky breaths and the crystal noise of the blades cut the air. Like a macabre dance, they hit and punch. They do what they are made for: destroy.


The blade enters sharply into her skin, she screams and attacks in return. With each attack, Suzie Costello knows she loses more of her humanity. Pearls of rage and sadness blow up in her eyes. At this exact moment, she hates herself and her life more than she could have ever imagined.


He sees the blood on his arm, on his hands, but he doesn’t feel the pain. It’s like Ianto Jones is not in his body anymore. He’s standing outside himself watching the fight play out as if he were watching a movie. At this exact moment, he hates himself and his life more than he could have ever imagined.


She hits furiously at his shoulder and sees the blade slice through his skin; His scream explodes like thunder. I am sorry my friend…


He feels the pain, sees the blood and suddenly realizes: I don’t want to die!  So he kicks her violently in the stomach and she collapses to the ground.


Their breaths are laborious, two wild animals on the edge. Who will die first? Who will win? But there is no winner in this pathetic dark comedy of life…..


The woman closes her eyes for a moment. What have I done?… Something  died inside her when she killed Toshiko Sato. Suzie Costello feels so tired. There is no redemption for a woman who has sinned like her. She has walked too long in the darkness. She sighs in exhaustion. She makes a decision. So she stands up painfully in from of him and meets his gaze: her mask off, defenses down, eyes vulnerable showing him all her fragility. Then Ianto Jones understands.

“I see you Suzie… I see you.”

“Ianto, save me…”

With these words, said like a soft and weak breeze, Ianto Jones breaks down. A painful sob explodes in his throat and dies on his lips.

“Suzie… I am sorry… So sorry…”

He can’t save her, they both know. She smiles at him, she feels relaxed, at peace. She is happy, she knows at the end she wins: no men broke her. Shadows dance in her eyes or loved me….

“Ianto, my Ianto Jones, avenge me, avenge us…”

Before he can stop her, she takes a gun out of her coat, puts the weapon to her forehead and fires. Like a porcelain doll she breaks loudly on the ground.


In the empty place a man roars. Ianto Jones is broken.



Thank you so much to all of you who read this series. I love to write it. Without your comments, I don't think I could continue. You are all love for me. *FREE HUGS*   I know now this series will be end soon. A happy ending? Its depend of your definition of happy ending... *evil grins*


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