Jan. 14th, 2010

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Bonjour tous

I want to tell you all, why I don't read you if you write smut.   I dont like smut, not really. I think smut is boring and always the same things: Ianto: Hooo Jack Yes yes!!! In me!!! 
Jack: You want it inside you my little slut????
Ianto: Hooo yes Jack please I am your slave!!!
Jack: Take it all... Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... Do you feel it?????
Ianto: Hoooo yes Jack!!! Hooo more more !!!!! Hooo come with me!!!!
Jack: Come now!!!!!!!
the both: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! (bigger orgasm of their life.....)

Don't misunderstand me: I think you are all brilliant and talented (you are my friends after all!!! LOL) But its just I don't like smut for smut, I like smut in a story, for the plot.. But smut for smut ??? No,

BUT I will always read blow job and kinky with the tongue.... Ghaaaaaa........

Soooo I love to read you all, but smut is not my cup of tea when its about fic.

About Haiti. Please, if you can, just give a little bit. There are a lot of students and teach here at my school and in the others schools in Montreal who have family there and have no news. If you can, just give a little bit in an association you trust. *HUGS*

Have a nice and take care


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